The working process of air filter

In America, most families have a heating system and air conditioning, they are all can be called HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system to control the indoor temperature. An HVAC system is made up of smaller parts and larger pieces of machinery, they can cool and heat the home together through circulating condition air continuously. Every component is so important, also include he air filter.


Air filters in your house not only can protect the HVAC system, but also can eliminate allergens, pathogens, and the other pollutants, so it can provide healthy living conditions for your family.


The important parts of the air filtration system


It is essential for us to know the important parts of the filtration system before we answer the question, so you can know the installation of the filtration. There are five important parts that need to know.


● Air ducts- Ducts that run through the ceiling and walls to convey the air into your house.

● Vents- The air ducts that are related to the vents in the walls, then the conditioned air can enter into the space that you live

● Intake vents-This is the place the AC unit can draw the air from your house into the equipment.

● Portable Room Air Purifiers-These standalone devices can clean the limited space by absorbing air into the purifier, then trapping the pollutants into the filter, and emitting the purified air into your room in order to purify the limited room.

● Air filters - An air filter is a kind of screen in the HVAC system, all the air that enters the HVAC system will flow into the air filter firstly because of the strategic location so that it can capture the pollutants in the air.


The working process of your air filters in your home


The most important part of your filtration system is the air filter in your home, it is easy for you to use the home air filters.


It is essential for us to install the air filters in your home because there are much more pollutants in the air that circulate in your house. These pollutants will continue to circulate in your home if they can’t be eliminated, so you are recommended to deal with them.


Air filters are the core components in your house, they are the only part that can circulate the indoor air and keep your house clean.


Now I want to tell you the steps when the air filters purify the indoor air.



Step 1

Begin with a clean air filter that is equipped in the HVAC system


The step can’t be completed by itself, but you can’t filter out the small particles if you don’t have a clean air filter. Make sure that you can find the proper air filter for your Air Condition system.



Step 2

Turn on your HVAC system and Pull the air through your house


There are different ways to use your HVAC system, as for the modern air system, the air will start to circulate once you change the setting of the indoor temperature. You also can turn on the fan of your HVAC system, then the air will circulate in the house and you don’t have to set it.


Step 3

Your HVAC system will absorb the air through the intake vent when the air is emitted


When the airflow into the vent of your room, it also can be absorbed through the intake vents. In most situation, there are two large vents near the HVAC system in your house, which was used to deal with the intake. Now you are familiar with the location and what’s the size of the air filter that your need.


Step 4


Air will be forced through your air filter when it goes through your Intake Vents


There will be a barrier between the circulated air that flows into your HVAC system when you have a clean air filter in place.


Step 5

The small particles can be captured and retained when the airflow through the filter media


According to the MERV rating, particles can be captured in your filter screen and the filter media. And some other kinds of air filters


Step 6

Purify the air and enter it into the primary Air Condition manifold to be distributed in your home


The purified airflow through the primary manifold circulates in your house, it circulates in the whole house, then it starts again.


The HVAC system will continue to capture particles in the air when it is running because the air filter isn’t saturated.



Different kinds of filters for your home


As for different kinds of air filtration systems, there are different kinds of air filters, they have different ways to purify the air. So there are four different kinds of house air filters :



Electronic Filters


Air Filters have become digital, electronic filters also can be called electronic precipitators, which are installed into the ducts to electrically charged particles when they go through the filter. Then the charged filters can be trapped by the contrary charged collection plate.


Ultraviolet Filters


This kind of filter is installed in the HVAC system to deal with the bacteria, viruses, and germs of UV light. Normally, the ultraviolet filter is an add-on that is connected to electronic precipitators.


Extended Media Filters


Extended media is built on top of one another to set an extra thicker filter. However, you need to install a large filter compartment between the ductwork if you want to use the extended media filter.


Traditional Fiberglass Air Filters


Now I want to show some traditional home use air filters, you need to use the flat filters if you have a furnace. Flat filters are also pleated or fiberglass. A pleated air filter is an ideal choice for air filtration. The MERV rating is used to represent the efficiency of air filter. Flat air filters should not be installed especially, but it is necessary to use the proper size.



Compare whole home Air Filters with Room Air Purifier



There is a mistake that the air purifier is the same as the whole house air filters, and they can be interchanged with each other. Actually, they are different, in some situations, they can be used to purify the indoor air together.


The design of whole home air filters is used in the HVAC system in order to improve indoor air quality. They can do it because all the air that can circulate in the HVAC system also can go through the air filters. We can’t use indoor air purifiers as much as we can. They are limited to the space close to the air purifier.


We know that the air purifier can be used together with HEPA air filters, let's go further.


As for purifying the indoor air, actually, an air filter with high quality is your best choice, because it can deal with all the air that circulates in your house. You also can add incorporate filter add-ons, such as electrostatic precipitator to enhance the efficiency of purification.


An indoor air purifier is a great choice in places that needs extra purification. For instance, you’d better to install air purifier in your bedroom if you have family members who is an allergen.



Whether should I use HEPA air filters in the whole house?

Normally, HEPA air filters can’t be used in the whole house, which is not related to the capacity of purifying the indoor air, but what they can do for the HVAC system.


The minimum filtration efficiency of high particulate air filters is 99.97% when the air filter is 0.3 microns. They can capture particles effectively, and with higher efficiency than the air filters with a higher MERV rating.


However, HEPA air filters play important role in the whole-home air filtration system. If you choose the indoor air purifier, you can choose the real HEPA air filter for the additional purification.


It is time for your to replace your air filter


Do you know the frequency of replacing your air filters? When do you change your air filter?


Generally, you should change your home air filters at least every three years, but you may want to replace your air filters frequently if you have family members who smoke in the house, or you worry about the allergens and pathogens, or you have pets in your house. It also can increase the chances of replacing your air filters if you use air filters of low quality.


Except for this guidance, you also can pay much more attention to some signs that you need to replace your air filters. Some signs as follows:


● The air conditioning unit equipment is running out

● Pollutants in your vents

● You don’t know the last time you replace the air filter

● Obvious increase in the air quality

● Suffer from allergy frequently

● HVAC system runs with low efficiency (check the electricity bill to see the energy bill)


The FAQS of Air Filters


How about a good air filter that can improve indoor air quality?




It depends on the indoor air quality and the type of air quality, but no matter what kinds of air filters you choose, the living condition with air filters will be better than conditions without air filters.


Whether the air filters can prevent the spread of airborne illness, such as COVID-19.


Yeah, air filters and HEPA filters with high MERV ratings can filter out the particles in the air effectively.


How does the dust pass through the air filters in the AC system?


There are two general reasons that dust can enter into the Air Condition system. The first reason is that the air filter can’t fit properly, so the dust and debris can pass through the gaps. The second reason is that the dirty filter can’t hold much more pollutants.


What matters if the AC system is without an air filter?


Pollutants in the air can get into the Air Conditioner Part and harm the component severely. Read this article, you can know more the information about the operation of AC systems without air filters.


Choose the air filters with the proper size


You can choose an air filter with different sizes below:



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