How to Clean a Furnace Filter

We know that your furnace is one of the most comfortable components of your house, you can’t live in a comfortable condition without the furnace. It is helpful to prevent the damage through regular maintenance.


In addition to the advantages we mentioned above, there are also some other reasons for you to maintain your furnace regularly.


Some main advantages of purifying your furnace



Extend the lifespan of your furnace filter

It is hard for the furnace filter to work if the furnace was filled with pollutants, which harms the components of the furnace when the furnace works harder continuously. Invest in your furnace equipment, it will be returned through the extension of its lifespan.


High efficiency


House owners pay attention to the furnace in order to improve the working efficiency. Compare with dirty furnace filter, keeping your furnace clean can make it work effectively and have low energy consumption.


Purified air


The dirty furnace can pollute the indoor air, maybe you can find the dust built up in the house because the polluted air circulates in your house. On the other hand, a clean furnace can purify the air effectively.


The frequency of cleaning a furnace


We know that house maintenance is a kind of long-term cooperation. Such as regular maintenance, and immediate maintenance when the furnace occurs to the accident.


Scientists recommend that we have to change our furnace at least one or two years. It depends on who lives in the house, clean your furnace at least every 12 months if you have pets or kids in your house.


Replace and clean your furnace filter


The maintenance of the furnace filter is an important part of cleaning your furnace. You have to change your air filer every three months. You’d better replace it every month if you use it frequently.

PART1:Removing the Filter

①Turn off the power and gas

Wait until the furnace has shut off before you attempt to remove the filter. Shut off the furnace before doing so. Furnaces often have a wheel nearby that can be turned to turn the furnace off. If you don't know how to turn off your furnace, consult your landlord or the furnace's manufacturer.

②Locate the filter

Usually, the filter can be found in one of two places; right inside the furnace or right inside the air vent. There should be an arrow on the filter to show the airflow direction. The final step is to clean and replace your furnace. Depending on the type of filter you have, keep it dry for a few hours if you want to clean it.

③Indicate the direction of airflow

As you're removing the filter, write a large arrow on it indicating the direction of airflow so that you know the right way to reinstall it. Doing this will allow you to put the filter back on the right way.

④Turn off the filter

Now that you have found the filter, remove it. You don't need any special tools to do this. Simply get a grip on the filter and shift it out of the way.


PART2: Cleaning the Filter

①Look for a filter that is capable of being reused

The one with a plastic frame is reusable. It's better to remove the burnt gunk from your furnace filter since disposable filters come with a cardboard frame. Place the old disposable filters in the waste receptacle and note the type and size if they're not reusable. In order to replace it, you will need to purchase the same type/size.

②Clean away the dust with water

Cleaning a filter is simple. You do not need any special products. It's simple to keep your filter clean by rinsing it with running water and making sure to turn it so that the entire thing is cleaned.


③Allow the filter to dry completely

Place the filter somewhere it can air-dry once you have cleaned it. It's recommended to let the filter air dry before replacing it in the furnace. Allow it to dry based on the average temperature of your home, but make sure it's fully dry before returning it to the furnace.

④Place the filter back in place

To reinstall the filter, simply place it back where it was. You don't need anything but your hands.

It's important to point the arrow in the right direction of airflow.

PART3:Maintain the Filter

①The cleaning or replacement of your furnace filter depends on the type of filter

Some filters need to be cleaned or replaced more often than others. Locate the filter's label to determine its type and clean it according to those guidelines.

Electrostatic filters need to be cleaned on a three-month cycle.

An electronic filter should be cleaned every week.

Mechanical filters need to be replaced every month, and cannot be reused.

②It's crucial to keep records of when you cleaned your filter

Every time you clean your filter, take note of it. Write the date and information about when to change the filter on a calendar you have or if you don't have one in your home, jot it down on paper. Remember to clean your furnace filter from time to time. Keep track of when you clean your filter. Every time you clean it, make a note of it. Put it on a physical calendar or in your home. Write down when the filter will need to be changed next. Regularly cleaning your furnace filter will ensure that it functions correctly.

③Make sure to replace your filter regularly

Even reusable filters have a limit on how long they will last. When reading the manual for your filter or reading the filter's label, you'll learn how long it should last. However, electromagnetic filters do not need to be replaced unless they are significantly damaged.






Some suggestions about maintaining the furnace

It is necessary for you to maintain your furnace for a house owner, you can finish the duty easily through these suggestions.

Choose the furnace filter with high quality


The furnace filter is mainly used to eliminate the pollutants, furnace filters that come from the original manufacturer can prevent pollutants from entering into the equipment, so you don’t have to clean it frequently.


Clean the furnace after maintaining your HVAC system


There is no doubt that dirty ducts can affect the purification of furnaces. Generally, you have to clean your furnace after maintaining your HVAC system, so you can keep the ducts clean before you take the any maintenance of the furnace.


Check your furnace in autumn


In order to avoid the breakdown of your furnace, you are recommended to check your furnace in autumn.


The FAQ on cleaning your furnace


Is it essential to clean your furnace?


Just same as the other equipment, you have to maintain your furnace filter regularly so that it can work effectively. It also can help to extend the lifespan of the furnace.


How much its cost to clean a furnace?


The price of an air filter depends on the location and the service, normally ranging from $60 to $300.





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