The Air Filters in apartments

It is possible to have poor indoor air quality when you live in a small place with little outside space because of your living arrangement. This is especially true in apartment buildings, where common unit ventilation can allow harmful airborne pollutants to cycle throughout the whole structure.

Even just thinking about it could make you question what you can do to improve your apartment's air quality. Thus, the need for an apartment air filter is necessary. These filters should be installed in your apartment to remove typical contaminants from the air before it is circulated throughout the building.

However, air filters in an apartment might be challenging, but this article will explain briefly what you need to know about apartment air filters and the best filter to use.

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Should You Replace the Air Filter in Your Apartment?

Occasionally, while renting an apartment, it is not immediately evident who is liable for air filter replacement. Although a new air filter should be fitted before moving in, this does not imply that the landlord is liable for replacements.

However, always double-check your rental agreement to find out who is responsible for changing the air filters in the apartment. If nothing is indicated, you may be able to agree with the property management, wherein they would pay you for air filters as long as you change them regularly.


How often should you change your apartment's air filter?

Under normal circumstances, you should replace your apartment's air filter within 30-90 days. But there are many factors that affect when you can replace your air filter, Including:

1. The number of people living in your apartment

2. Do you have pets in your apartment?

3. Indoor and outdoor air quality

4. The material and structure of the filter

5. The health status of the residents, whether they have allergies or asthma and other diseases

You will find the air filters in your apartment are easier to be dirty than the air filters in your homes. Compare with garden-style apartments, mid-rise, high-rise, walk-up apartments exist more airborne pollutants, so your air filters are prone to be filled with pollutants.

When you move into your apartment for the first time, check your air filter regularly so you can make a proper plan for replacing your air filters.


Find the location of your apartment air filter

So far maybe you have asked yourself where is the air filter my apartment? If there exist furnace and AC system, actually you can use two air filters, the furnace set in the closet- whether it will be with coats, machine, or balcony.


The Location of AC Air Filter Location


AC Air Filters can be set at any place, which is the reason why it is hard to find it. You must have more than one AC air filter need to be changed if you have a large apartment.

As for the AC units with a single central air return register, the air filter should be installed in the register, you can find the register in the open areas, such as stairway, or hallway ceiling, get rid of the register grill and the air filter behind it.

As for the AC units with multiple return register, you can find the air filter in front of the air handler. The air handler often installed in the closet in your apartment, and there is a slot with a removable cover in the air handler, you can access the air filter after removing the cover.


Choose an air filter for your apartment


It is difficult for you to choose a proper air filter for your apartment, the most suitable air filters are not the same, maybe you need a customized size air filter, and it helps you deal with the health issues.

There are some factors that you need to take into the consideration, and then you can select the nest air filter for yourself.


The size of apartment Air Filter


Firstly, you have to install your apartment air filters properly, ensure your filter can be accommodated by the register, which affects the working efficiency and air quality.


You can see different types of air filters in the large furniture markets, and they are the general sizes, if the size of your air filters is the common size, there are two choices you can do to work it out, cut it to a fit size or customized size air filters.


Cut your air filter to a fit size is a challenge, it is easy to make mistakes and not just fit well, and it ‘s not suitable from the aspect of structure, so it’s not a good way for u to choose a proper way.


Customized size air filter can be built according to the special size in order to keep the high efficiency and complete structure. It can offer a detailed fit. 

Air Filter MERV Rating


It is time for you to consider the airflow and filtration as soon as you know the size of your apartment air filter size. Now we pay more attention to the MERV rating.


The air quality and air flow also can be affected by the MERV rating. Air filters with high MERV rating can purify more pollutants in the air, but because the air filter need to deal with more resistance, so it can’t deal much more air flow. As a result, the system has to work harder o circulate the air and easy to cause damage to the internal components.


Please refer to the MERV rating guidance if you have any question. It is easy to harm the internal components if you use the improper MERV rating. You need to discuss with property manager if you want to use high MERV rating air filter, maybe you can find the right answer.



The way to replace an Air Filter in your apartment




It will become easier to replace your apartment air filter if you find the right position of air filter. You can follow these steps:


1. Turn off the power. You can find a power switch by the HVAC equipment. It is better to turn off the whole power of your apartment if you can’t find a good way to cut the power. safe id first.

2. Get rid of the vent cover. You need a screwdriver to get it off.

3. Look for the right arrows.  Some air filters need to be put at certain way, check the right arrows in order to make sure how the new air enters into filter.

4. Get rig of the old filter. Care about it because it maybe dusty and dirty, you are recommended to have a plastic trash bag to control it.

5. Place a new filter. You can set it easily if the size is proper.

6. Get rid of the cover/register. Remove the cover back into the position, and you’ve done.


Spend about 5 minutes finishing the process, and then you can enjoy fresh air.


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