Know more about indoor air pollution

Current situation

It is reported that everyone breathes in 3000 gallons of air per day because we stay indoors at our most of the time, so the indoor air can be 2-5 X more polluted than the outdoor air. Each of us needs to take action to improve the indoor air quality as soon as possible.

Only if everyone attaches much more importance to the indoor air quality can we improve the air quality and change the current situation fundamentally, and it is essential to strengthen the sense of improving the indoor air quality.


What causes indoor air pollution?


According to the study, Indoor air pollution probably comes from the outdoors, including mold, smoke, pollen dust, or result from the residence, no ventilation, humidity, mold, or some other elements that can worsen indoor air quality, such as pet dander, dust mites, asbestos, radon.


Health risks of indoor air pollution



You may feel uncomfortable if you breathe in the poor air for a long time. Some matters come from your nose, throat, or other parts of your body. Cause fatigue, dizziness, irritability, headache, even coughing and sneezing, then have difficulty in breathing.



Ways to Improve the air quality

Facing poor indoor air pollution, keep calm and take effective methods to figure it out.

Keep your air clean, and there are some feasible ways as follows:

Clean your furniture and floor regularly.


When we arrive at home, everyone expects to enjoy a clean and comfortable home rather than a dirty house, so do the cleaning for your house at least once a week no matter how busy you are, which is beneficial to our physical and psychological health.



Maintain the level of humidity.

The level of humidity from 30 to 50 is perfect. Control the stable level of humidity,

keep vented as much as possible in our daily life, so the moisture has a place to go, otherwise, they will be resident in the home, especially in our bathroom.


By the way, some special dehumidifiers can help to control the humidity level, choose one with high quality, control the level of humidity.


Use regular DIY and test for pollutants.

This is a better choice to let you know what the urgent problem is? Then you can take action to solve it, and it is time-saving for the adults who are busy with their job and have no spare time to do the house cleaning.




People have heavy demand for fresh air, so don’t forget to open the window and let the fresh air flow into your room, it is better for the health of your whole family, even in just ten minutes, you will breathe nicely.


Choose low VOC products

VOC is the acronym for volatile organic components that are released as gas from liquid or some solids. They are usually used and stored in our home. You’re recommended to buy products with low VOC, especially carpet, paint, and cleaning products. If you have large quantity demand for these products, considering the health of your whole family, ensure the low VOC.


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