Indoor Air Quality and Smoking

Environmental tobacco smoke is known as the most dangerous pollutant. Not only can it Influences the smokers severely, but also it can affect the people who around them, since the tobacco smoke is the root reason for indoor air pollution.



How about ETS?


Room ETS also can be called secondhand smoke which is a kind of smoke exhaled by the smoker, and the smoke released from cigars, cigarettes, hookah, which is a kind of mixture of smoke. The larger of the tobacco that can be burned, the more the smoke. Smoking one large cigar is the same as smoking a whole bag of cigarettes. Sidestream smoke releases large amount of cancerogenic substance, the components are particles, and then flow into your lungs.


People who inhale ETS suffer from the same health risks as people who smoke. It is called passive smoking or involuntary smoking when nonsmokers breathe in the second-hand smoke, the nicotine and toxic also can be sucked into the body of nonsmokers. Actually, you will be confronted with the more dangerous disease, the more ETS you inhale.


Separate the smoker and non-smoker can’t solve the root problem, since it can’t eliminate the ETS. People who smoke on the first floor of the house also can affect the people who stay upstairs. Smoke can spread over the house, even in the ventilation of stairs. In addition to the damaging smoke, there are also some cancer-leading chemicals retained in your home. They can remain in the cloth、furniture、curtain etc.





Third-hand Smoke


The risk of thirdhand smoke is being studied, but according to different information, it is obvious that it is so dangerous, that the effects of ETS will be more severe as time passes by, and cause damage in a different way. You will find the changed color on the wall, and it is difficult to breathe. Besides, you also will find different kinds of sticky yellow residual in your house, which look like an old stain, but it will be more dangerous as the residual pollutants multiply. Tobacco toxins cause damage to our health as soon they enter our body.


The nitrous acid can react with the nicotine in tobacco smoke, it is known that nitrous acid is common, and it is easy to produce hazardous carcinogens, Nicotine also retained on the surface for a long time, which means the carcinogens are increasingly multiplied, and they are absorbed or ingested by our body, it doesn’t mean that there is no risk if you are exposed to tobacco.


The third-hand smoke can cause severe damage to kids, as we know, the growth of babies and the immune system also can be influenced by the toxins retained in third-hand smoke.

Besides, considering that kids like crawling around the floor, so they are easy to be touched by pollutants, babies and kids are easy to be contact with the floor, they will put anything into their mouth, including polluted surfaces, put everything into the surface, even a teething infant baby.


There is no doubt that children ingest much more dust than adults, you can find lots of residuals in your house, the residual produced by ETS is ingested by the family members. Especially for the kids, much of the ore residual will be absorbed by kids due to the small status.

Kids suffer 20 times the exposure to third-hand second-hand smoke, pets are also at high risk because they are always playing and rolling toys on the floor.


To be honest, there is no other way to avoid the effects, but it is critical to take action to control it and remove the pollutants in your house, the best way is to stop smoking. Although you choose to smoke outside, the third-hand residuals will still retain in your cloth、hair、, and other places, which means that you are also posing damage to others.



Don’t smoke in your car!


The dangerous effects of ETS will be more severe if you smoke in your car. Which also can cause damage to your car. It is useless to reduce the smoke pollution in your car even if you do the cleaning regularly. In the other words, residuals will remain on the surface of your car no matter how much you wipe your upholstery. Open the door or window for ventilation, or stay away from the window when you are smoking, these things doesn’t matter.

You also need to prevent the third-hand smoke in the car, it is also in danger, the toxin air retained in your car is dangerous, which can retain in any parts of your car for weeks or months. It will cause damage to your kids even if you don’t smoke, all the components in your car are toxic, anyway, don’t smoke in your car.


The importance of air quality


Perfect air quality is critical for our health. Nobody wants to be surrounded by a lump of odorous smoke when walking through your front door, and the scary parts are the cancerous particles in the air, as a result, they can threaten the health of your whole family, not only the disgusting smell but also they have that is hard to remove.


There are 4700 chemicals in the ETS, including arsenic 、benzene、lead、phenol, and hydrogen, the level of monoxide produced is far more than the normal level for human touch.


It is reported that smoke indoors can cause more severe pollution in your house than smoke outdoors. The exchange rate of air can decide the levels of ETS in your room. The particles will spread out slowly and retain all the time in the low exchange rate room. According to the survey, the level of ETS will be higher when the air is re-circulated.



How about being implemented


In America, people have already taken action to decrease the level of exposure. Legislation has been established to control it. Federal law bans smoking on all domestic airline flights and trains, and abroad destinations, interstate buses. In most federal buildings,

people are also banned smoking, and many state and local governments have established laws that ban smoking in schools or hospitals 、airport, and other private places such as restaurants or bars.


A large number of communities are establishing non-smoking environments, and people try their best to change the existing status in different ways, but people can’t realize the real situation, cause the ETS works all the way, causing long-lasting and deadly effects.


How the smoke affects General health


It is known that smoking is bad for our health, it harms your health severely and even kills you.

●Second-hand smoke can lead to lung cancer、brain bladder、rectum、blood larynx、lymphatic system、sinuses、the cancer of the breast. Also includes carcinogens that lead to cancer.


People who exposure to smoke are prone to cardiovascular disease, according to the survey of American society, there are about 42000 non-smokers died from cardiovascular disease since they are exposed the second-hand smoke, and SHS will lead to coronary heart and cancer or stroke. Although active smoker has a high risk of catching cardiovascular disease.

Lung cancer not only caused by the influence of smoke, but also it was can be caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, like emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and enhance the damage of asthma for adults and kids.


How the smoke affects kids


According to the pic above, kids are the dominant victims, especially the children who are also in the steps of development, the effects of smoke even cause the life-threatening to them.


ETS will affect the upper respiratory tract and the small falling in the lung.

Children are likely to suffer from illness if their parents smoke, which affect their study.

Normally children are easy to catch wheezing and coughing when they are exposed to second-hand smoke.

Children are prone to catch asthma in the environmental tobacco smoke

Your ears are easy to be infected

●The Woman who smokes will affect the height and weight of the babies they have.

● It may cause the children ‘s learning ability and attention deficit

● Second-hand smoke may cause sudden infant Death Syndrome

● Second-hand smoke will enhance the severity of asthmatic, and there are more than 10000 kids who suffer from serious asthma because of second-hand.


EFS can lead to asthma in children, even no the system showed




The effects on pets



Pets also have been affected by second-hand smoke because they also have lungs and hearts. Actually, we should consider pets as infants because they don’t know whether they can harm them or not.


Pets may eat cigarette butts or trash, which can cause tremors、coordination 、convulsions、excessive salivation, respiratory failure、weakness, and died extremely.

Second-hand smoke can cause serious damage to a pet’s lungs and heart. It harms the pet’s health if you smoke around your pet, because it harms their respiratory system, and then causes severe disease.

● It is known that dogs are apt to have allergies 、skin disease、emphysema、canine heart disease.

● If cats are exposed to ETS, they may catch oral cancer.

● People may suffer from DNA changes and gene mutation if they are exposed to second-hand smoke for a long time, it is similar to what happens in people due to carcinogens.


Third-hand smoke is harmful to pets, for instance, dogs like to roll on the floor and rub themselves on the wall, as a result, the toxin in the residual damage the health of your dog.


The Rodon harms the health of smokers.


It is known that radon damage the health of smokers and nonsmokers. Radon is the first reason for lung cancer, and you can find it in each family in America, Radon is a kind of naturally occurring radioactive gas, it’s the invisible killer because it is prone to be ignored. Radon caused the breakdown of uranium, and release from the earth. You can’t detect it since it’s odorless、tasteless、colorless. Even if you don’t know you are living in places that are filled with radon. Randon has already caused severe damage to smokers, especially the lung, as a result, combining smoke with radon will lead to danger. Radon can flow into your room through cracks of the foundation、building materials、well water and other sources.

Then it trapped and it becomes the components of your breath.


Most of family can’t live in a room which can’t fit with smoke detector, since they don’t have to consider about Radon. Actually, radon death more than seven times the people each year as home fires do, you can detect Radon in any house, whether new or old. If you want to know the level of Radon in your house, you can use radon gas detector. Take the corrective action quickly if your home is at above 4 pci/L


There is a chart that shows the risks of smoking are associated with Radon exposure.





Vaping is a kind of tobacco, and some vaping not including nicotine, it can replace smoking. Vaping is so popular in the last few years. It’s a kind of advantage that is replaced. People would like to choose vaping so that they can give up smoking, which is better for their health and the environments.


It is the reaction of the vapor that you breathe and inhale. Actually, the water vapor is the liquid in the form of gas. It seems to be ticker than smells and better. Including key lime pie、Strawberry daiquiri donuts and caramel macchiato. There are various liquid flavor. You don’t have to buy a pack of cigarettes rather than buy vials of -liquid and empower your vaporizer according to your needs. So, what is the risk of vaping? Scientists think that vaping can damage your health, but you can’t find enough evidence to prove it. You can buy electric liquids with different levels of nicotine. However, nicotine is not the main antagonist, it makes you addicted to cigarettes, therefore, you are exposed to the chemicals they contain, nicotine can’t lead to lung cancer, but you are easy to be addicted to it. A woman who is pregnant should stay away from it.



The water vapor you exhale has fewer pollutants than you breathe. In other word, “second -hand” vapor can’t cause damage to close people and environments. Some scientist are against vaping around kids since surveys show that it affects the development of the brain. However, vaping is considered at least 95% safer than smoking, although there are some electric liquids included. The electric cigarette only releases water when the liquid nicotine vaporized water、nicotine gas and propylene glycol. Nicotine and water are natural occurring gas. The air in your house can’t be toxin because glycol is an organic compound, it smells like cotton candy.

What should you do?


ETS can be eliminated easily, although it’s a kind of fatal pollutants. Indoor air quality is important, maintain health for your family if you eliminate the root of pollution. Please smoke outside or no smoke so that it can provide a non-smoker environment.


If you love your family members, stop smoking, and consider all the bad effects on your lovers. It causes all the harmful effects on the aspects you are concerned about. There is a community online that can be helpful to give up smoking.



●Nicotine patches

●Behavioral therapy

●Nicotine gum

●Nicotine replacement therapy


You are recommended to ask your friends and relatives for support. Orange the steps and find the key points.


As for vaping, you can buy vaporizers online or at your local smoke store to smoke. You can search much more resources online, which can help you to give up smoking by looking up the website.


Do a thorough housecleaning take the towels、 curtains 、sheets, or other lines, give up all of the carpets and use a deodorizing product. Sanitize your ceiling floor、countertops、other fixtures in your house. Think about painting the walls and doors again. Open your window and door for ventilation.

Prepare an air filter or air purifier You can use an air filter or purifier to eliminate the nasty odor that comes from smoking, and reduce ETS. This purification operation works by drawing indoor air into them, purifying the indoor air, and releasing them into a room. Mechanical air filters, including high-efficiency air filters, and electronic air cleaners, are used to capture particles.

 Select a non-smoker environment. Ensure there is no smoke when you live in the hotels, it damages your health when you are exposed to ETS for several hours, and also provide non-smoke working environments for your employees, and ban smoking in the office. Check it and make sure it consists of federal law. 


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