Compare Air filters with Air purifier

Most of people are prone to the air quality of our house is clean and healthy, but we need to pay more attention to the air quality of our house. According to a survey in 2002, the indoor air pollution occupies 27% of global burden of disease, the fossil fuels should be responsible for it. 

The air that we breathe at home is not the same as we imagine.

The same air in the house was absorbed by the air conditioner because the window was closed, and filled the whole room, so the pollution of indoor air quality is more severe than the pollution outdoor.


As mentioned above, we should pay more mention to the Indoor air quality when it comes to the environments we lived in and the indoor air quality.


To compare Air filters with an Air purifier


Air filters


What is an air filter?

Air filters are used to get rid of dust、mold、bacteria and allergens. As for the function, they are the same as the air purifiers, but they work in different ways.



Some familiar air filters

    ● Washable air filters -Washable filters are reusable, it is costing saving, and long-lasting.

     HEPA filters –HEPA air filters can trap 99.97 % of particles, and to the 0.3 microns, since the high efficiency, HEPA air filters were used in homes, and industry, they have a great ability to filter the air, also used in the medical areas.

    ● Activated Carbon filters----Carbon filters own the highly porous, they are good at capturing particles, normally they are used in pre-filers or secondary.

    ● Fiberglass filters----Fiberglass air filter is one of the most common air filters. They work by capturing pollutants that are retained in the layers of fiberglass, some fibers are electrostatically charged so that it can increase the number of pollutants they trap.  



The working process of Air filters




Air filters are installed in the HVAC system, the air will pass through them to trap the microscopic particles of pollutants. They are usually installed in the return duct and furnace or air conditioner, it ensures that all the air that circulates in your house is clean.


The working principles of air filters are the same, let the flow of the air but trap the passage of particles. The fiberglass, pleated paper, mesh, or carbon, filters play the role of a sieve so that they can capture particles that are larger than the holes in the air flows, getting rid of them from the atmosphere.



Step 1---A powerful fan capture polluted air through a vent, which locates in the front or rear of the unit.


Step 2--- The polluted air quality passed through a variety of filters, to capture larger particles, like pet dander, pollen, and dust. The next step is to let the air pass through a more robust filter, HEPA is the most common air filter which was used to trap smaller particles the size of 0.3 microns.


Step 3---The cleaner air filters can remove any nasty odor, such as pet dander, foul smells, and smoke through a deodorizer filter.


Step 4--- According to the function of air purifiers, it could be UC air filters,  or a negative ion process to purify the retained pollutants.

Step 5----The powerful fan draws the purified air back to the room.




What is the function of an air purifier filter?


The air purifiers were used to purify the pollutants from the air, they include:


    ● Pollen

    ● Dust mites

    ● Mold or mildew

    ●  Soil

    ●  Smoke

    ●  Fibers

    ● microorganisms

    ● Bacteria

    ● Fungus

    ● VOS or allergy

    ● Unpleasant odor


There are many ways for air purifiers to deal with bacteria and allergies in the air. They can trap them by capturing them through a variety of fans, neutralizing them through an electrical field, or using ultraviolet light to zap them.


However, not all the things that a purifier can do. Such as allergies, pollen, and mold, are heavier than air, so it is easy to sink to the ground and get trapped on the floor, the air filter can’t work normally as it happens. Because they can capture microbes while the air is flowing.


Whether you like Air filters or air purifiers, it is easy to choose one, you can confront the risk of increasing contact with allergens and bacteria.


As a result, you are prone to catch colds and other diseases, such as flu, sore throats, and lung disease, so keep the air in your home clean, which can protect your family from the damage of poor indoor air quality.



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