Can you be allergic to Air Conditioning?

It is unavoidable to turn on the air conditioner in hot summer, but we easily tend to start to sneeze when the air cools, you may guess that you catch a cold or could be allergic to the air conditioner or some other unknown elements, however, people ignore the root cause easily.

The air quality within the air conditioner is the biggest issue that we have to address, and the system is not responsible for your matter. It just circulates the air, so the main reason why you get sneezing is the air quality in the system. Only if we can find the right enemy, then we can resist it effectively.

How does Air Conditioning lead to allergies?

Have you ever explored the reason why you are easily allergic when the air cools?

It is surprising to you that a large amount of different airborne pollutants is filled with your room, they are delivered by the air condition system, then spread in your house.

There are some common pollutants shown to you:

● Pet dander-You’d better get your pet groomed so that it can prevent the pet dander from becoming airborne through the air condition system.

● Dust-mite- The dust mites will be multiplied if you can’t clean your air conditioner frequently or dust from your shoes, furniture, or cloth.

● Pollen-Pollen from plants you put in the house or flow into your house from the window.

● Bacteria-Some unknown bacteria and viruses would be responsible for your symptoms.

● Pollutants-We knows that some pollutants can not be macroscopic, but they exist everywhere. You don’t know when they come into your home.

Warm instruction: Disinfect all your furniture at least once a month, and stay away from allergies.

How do detect these contaminants?

As we mentioned above, we guess that you really want to know where these pollutants are delivered through the air condition system, don’t worry about it, take down your air condition filters, and check how much pollutants are contained, maybe it is time for you to clear away them right now.

Change your filter regularly and get rid of these airborne pollutants, fresh air can be delivered through the air condition system, it helps you to keep away from allergy. On the contrary, much more pollutants will be filled with your house.

Not only for the health and air quality, but also it can reduce the probability of different diseases. It is essential for us to spend time controlling it.

Common Air condition Allergy symptoms


● Shortness of breath 

● Dizziness

● Tiredness

● Fever

● Sneezing

● Coughing

● Stomachache issues

We referred to the symptoms in order to let more and more people take it seriously, you tend to lose health and nice feeling.  If you suffer from the system as mentioned above, also you may lose interest in your daily life, your job, your friends...

Pay attention to these symptoms.

Except for the symptoms above, it is crucial to point out some important matters.

● Tiredness、stomachache 、headache -If you have a feeling ill, like fever, it is necessary for to check it and take time to recover it.

● Breathing issues-Some bacteria breed in your throat, disinfect your room regularly, especially the air conditioning.

● Skin allergy – Don’t stay a long time in the air conditioning room, pollutants in the air will enter your skin, and harms skin.

● Matters with ear 、nose、throat-If you have problems with these parts of your body or depend on some health care medicine or equipment, please pay more attention to the air quality of your house.

Ways to keep away from an allergic reaction

In order to live in a healthy environment, you need to choose a proper air filter and change it regularly. The air filter system plays the role of blocking dust and preventing pollutants from entering your room, it can’t get rid of these pollutants, so it is crucial for us to clean and replace them. Some effective methods are shown to you and protect you from an allergic reaction.

● Select the air filter with high quality.

Discard the low-quality air condition filter, the high-quality air filter provide much more value for you, and you will get what you pay, it guarantees the lifespan and quality.

● Change your filter regularly.

It can effectively prevent the recycled air from becoming dirty, and cause the air circulates through the air condition system.

● Choose a proper air purifier in your house.

Air purifier helps to improve the air quality, and you will breathe comfortably, it can get rid of dust, pollen, and formaldehyde.

Daily habits of resisting an allergic reaction

● Close your doors and windows.

Don’t let any other pollutants come into your house, in this way, only if the air filter can be kept clean is suitable.

 Clean the household items regularly.

You are recommended to do the house cleaning at least once a month, as the duct and bacteria increase, it harms your health and easily leads to allergic symptoms.

 Control and monitor the level of humidity.

Maintain the proper level of humidity, so the mold has no place to breed, once it invites, mildew, then it releases odor, pollutes the air quality, and triggers the allergy.

 Draw up the family cleaning plan and date.

Make the cleaning plan with your family, and carry it out continuously, it promotes the relationship with your family, and your house can be kept clean all the time.



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