MERV 8 Air Filters VS MERV 11 Air Filters

MERV8 Air filters look like the same as MERV11 Air filters, but there are also noticeable differences between them. When you consider the capacity of airflow, it is helpful for you to raise up just three MERV rating levels, which can make the air cleaner or harms the whole HVAC system.


So that is the reason why you have to be prudent when you choose one of them if you have trouble selecting two common air filters, we can give you some guidance.



Are MERVAir filters good enough?


MERV8 air filters are common since it’s a comprehensive option, so you may think they have an attractive price but low quality.


Normally we would like to tell our customers our filters perform well at a great price.


What particles can be blocked by the MERV8 Air filters?



● Pollen

● Dust mites

● Large particles

● Mold


MERV8 air filters are nearly as cheap as inefficient products, which makes them valuable.


Are MERV 11 Air filters too high ?

MERV11 can trap smaller particles and clear away more containments from the air since it’s higher grade MERV, but every coin has two sides.


It seems to be as bad as lower one, although higher MERV rating Air filters can filter out more containments than the lower one, the airflow can be restricted by the thickness of air filter when the air is blocked, you will feel uncomfortable, and it will be power-wasting, and damage the wear and tear of the components. When you use the air filters with a high MERV rating, you should worry about the normal performance of internal components like compressor, heat exchange, or air condition coil.


In general, MERV 11 air filters are suitable for residential homes, air filters with MERV 13 rating have the capacity of providing effective purification, and it can’t affect the normal performance of airflow. Air filters with MERV14 rating are applied to the commercial and HVAC system, which can work out the issue of the thicker filter material.



What can be blocked by the air filters with an MERV11 rating ?

Dust mites  Smog/Smoke   Pet dander

Pollen      Bacteria        ● Dust particles

Lint        ● Auto mission   ●air particles

You are recommended to buy the air filters with MERV 11 rating if your family have issues of allergy and respiratory, but it’s more expensive than the standard air filters, MERV11 rating air filters are also suitable for the family with pet and smoker, it’s excellent in removing odor and airborne particles.


Compare MERV8 air filters with MERV 11 air filters.


The higher of the MERV rating, the easier it reaches the maximum, cause it’s better to capture the particles in the air so if you use the air filters with MERV11, please replace it frequently in order to make sure the normal performance.


Most of people concern with the endanger of breathing in the air which filled with small size particles and bacteria, since they can enter into your lung and blood, then harm your health. MERV11 rating filters are able to catch and block these small particles and improve the air quality, reduce the chance of disease, so it is crucial to choose an effective air filter.



The difference between MERV8 air filters with MERV 11 air filters


As mentioned above, we have already shown the advantages and disadvantages of MERV 8 rating air filters and MERV11 rating air filters, and if you also have trouble in choose a new air filter and have no experience of it, you can refer to the below Chart , which distinctly showed the detailed differences between MERV8 rating air filters and MERV11 air filters.

Particle Size

MERV8Air Filter
3.0-10.0 microns

MERV11AirFir Filter
1.0-3.0 microns

%Particles Captured



Lasting Time

3 months

2-3 months

Level of Uses



Compared to Fiberglass

20x better than fiberglass air filters

30x better than fiberglass air filters

Rating Comparison

MPR 300/600&FPR 5

MPR 300/600&FPR 5

Pleats Per Foot





Considering about the cost , quality, durability, in order to ensure the long-lasting of your air filter, it is essential for us to choose a proper air filter, due to the standard MERV rating system, so you can select all kinds of air filters with different MERV rating.






Common issues about MERV rating.


We have showed so much differences between MERV 8 and MERV 11, but also offer some common issues for you in response to the left problems.



What does MERV represent?


It represents the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value and was established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air -conditioner Engineers due to the standard system. And they are popular with all air manufacturers, the MERV rating range from 1 to 20.



What MERV rating should I choose?


In conclusion, different MERV rating air filter has their own disadvantage and disadvantage, MERV8 rating air filter and MERV air filter are suitable for residential homes.



How is the MERV rating on filters?


The MERV rating tells you the different working efficiency when the air filter captures the different sized particles. It determines the type of particles that it can block.



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