Whether your Air Conditioners are equipped with an Air Filter?

Don’t use your Air Condition without an Air Filter.


It shouldn’t run without an Air filter, although the HVAC system is available. It is known that dirt is the first reason for breaking down. The device will be serious damaged without the air filters installed.


Maybe it doesn’t matter in some specific situation, but running your Air conditioner without Air Filter would be disastrous in most situations. Generally, at any time, running your Air Conditioner without Air Filter is a big risk. In order to prevent you from any potentially serious damage, we will go further to study about running the Air Conditioner without Air filter.



What’s the function of an air filter?





Normally the air filters are used to clean your home’s air and remove the dust and dirt from your Air Conditioner system, Air filter play as the role of the barrier of Air Conditioner, cause the dirt dust, pet dander ,and other airborne pollutants can damage the air conditioner.


In order to achieve this goal, the material of most filters is unique, such as fiber glasses and special that capture particles in the air, you can check the rate of the air filter from the level of filtration of particulates in the air. Normally we use the MERV rating system or other systems like MPR and FPR. According to conditions of air filter and the air quality, you have to choose different levels of filtration in order to protect the air conditioner system from damage.




Even you have selected the proper air filter, if you give up air filter totally, and no use of it, which easily leads to long-term damage.



The root reason for the damage to an Air Conditioner without a Filter?




The dirt is the main reason, so your air conditioners will be damaged severely without the air filter, but except for the dirt, your air conditioner also will be damaged by other uncertain particles in the air.



Pet dander






Equipping with an air filter aims to prevent these particles from entering into Air conditioner.

The level of pollutants filtration exists difference, which depends on the rating of the air filter you bought. Again, it is necessary for you to choo a proper MERV rating, but it harms the Air Conditioner without an air filter, including the breakdown and extra fees.



Issues that happen from running your Air Conditioner without air filter


Whether the Air conditioner can normally work without an air filter? Yeah, but it is necessary for you to know what will happen if you don’t install the air filter in your air conditioner. Your air conditioner can be damaged if you run your air conditioner without air filter, then lead to the repairs and replacement.


I want to show you some normal potential influences when running the air conditioner with a filter.


Dust and Debris cover the house.

Generally, the air filters capture the dirt, duct, pet dander, and other pollutants. It leads to the circulation of debris throughout the house if run the Air Conditioner without air filter, which causes the poor air quality indoor and outdoor.

Troubles in your ductwork

Not only does an air filter can capture pollutants and protect your Air Conditioner system, but it also can prevent the debris from flowing into the ducts. These airborne pollutants can easily flow into the ducts and stay here all the time, and then the poor air quality harms the health of your whole family.


Problems with Freon Tube

The air-cooled by the air conditioner through the tubes, which filled with the cooling agent Freon. These Freon Tubes are necessary to the normal operation of the Air Conditioner. As mentioned above, If the condensation drain is blocked and the water covers the Freon tubes, and debris and dirt are retained on the tubes and affect the normal operation.



High energy costs


Running the air conditioner without an air filter, not only cause higher energy costs but is also more expensive repairs. As for an inefficient system, it has to work harder to reach the same level.

In turn, it requires more power to drive the compressor or motor that may be blocked by pollutants. They aren’t able to work normally when they are blocked by pollutants or covered by debris.


Blocking of the Condensation Drain


Running the air filter without an air filter may lead to the clogging of the condensate drain, and the condensate drain used to remove extra liquid which accumulated in the dehumidifying process. The extra dirt and dust will enter into the condensation drain cause the lack of air filter, then the condensation drain clogged, the condensation drain become clogged seriously, the condensation will retain the Freon tube and lead to water damage.


How long can the air conditioner operate without an air filter?


Generally, it is not a good idea to run the air conditioner or HVAC system without air filter, it may lead to the permanent damage at any time, or lead to the expensive repairs.


According to the current air quality and environment, it doesn’t matter to run your air conditioner without air filter for one or two days. It harms the system at any time when you give up installing the air filter. Considering about this kind of risk, you also need to think about the environmental factors, which can influence the normal operation of the system.




Special factors to care



Pet dander


It is obvious to see the increasing pet dander for the family who have pets. Although the pet dander can be easily filtered out by air filter, running your air conditioner without an air filter may lead to the extra risk to the mechanical components of your HVAC system and pose a risk to the health of your pets.



Nearby building


The dust will be higher if construction is happening in your place. There will be much more airborne pollutants caused by construction, which damage the air quality severely, including the outdoor and indoor. Running the air conditioner without an air filter means the increased circulation of particles in the air could lead to the damage to the Air Condition system.




Poor air quality


It is known that the exceeded dirt, mold, and other pollutants also can cause damage to your HVAC system, before the Air Conditioner system is in regular operation, it is necessary for us to think about the air quality in your house, apartment and building. In order to know the specific condition of the environment you live, it is better for you to test the air quality.


Large amount of dirt


If your houses suffer from a large amount of dirt, it is easy to cause damage to your Air Conditioner system if you don’ t install the air filter in your Air Conditioner. There is large amount of excess dust retained in the Air Conditioner system, and they will enter into the Air Conditioner system, and cause damage to the main mechanical components.



How to change a new air filter quickly?


As mentioned above, you’ve known the damage to the Air Conditioner system without an air filter installed, as a result, you have to the importance of selecting a proper air filter.


TRIGHT filter can provide different kinds of air filters, which are suitable for any situation. You have to know what size you need and what level of prevention you need, you can change your air filters easily as soon as you ensure them.


Now you don’t have to take risk of damaging your Air Conditioner system because you’ve known the best knowledge of finding a high-quality air filter.



Can I still run the Air Conditioner normally if I don’t have the air filter?


You are not recommended to run your Air Conditioner system without anair filter, which may cause permanent damage to the HVAC system. Normally dirt and dust which is trapped by filter and enter into the HVAC system and harm the mechanical components, and it may lead to expensive repairs, it is better for you to change your air filter quickly.




What kind of MERV rating air filters are suitable for the normal air quality?



For most of family tend to use an MERV ratings between 1-4, but it can’t be enough to filter out the smaller particles. TRIGHT filters sell high -rated air filters so that it can filter out the small pollutants, such as pet dander, mold to pass through. As for the normal air quality, there is no standard rating since we have to consider so many factors, such as family environments, health habit, or other budgets.



Can I run my air conditioner without a filter for some days safely?


It is not suggested that you run your Air Conditioner without Air filter, it affects the normal operation of your air condition system and shortens the lifespan of the device. You’d better to change your air filters as soon as possible.


A dirty air filter is better than no air filter?


Yes, the dirty air filter can protect the Air Conditioner system from damage and trap some dust particles in the air, there is no doubt that having a dirty air filter is better than no filter.

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Can I still run my air conditioner if it is dirty/ broken?


Dirty filters aren’t able to capture the small particles in the air, it haven’t enough surface to absorb the debris , so you aren’t recommended to use the dirty/broken air conditioner, change your air filter quickly so that reduce the damage to the air quality. 

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