Where should I put my air filters?

Maybe you can’t find a proper position when you need to replace your air filters, and you are easily defeated by an easy task. If you want to know where you can find the air filters, some common places are provided to you.





You should find where is your air filter, and this is the place of your heating and cooling system. If you can’t make sure of the position of the air filter, please check your basement, crawlspace, or garage. If you live in a small closet, maybe the unit is in your closet.


It is an easy assignment to find where‘s your air filter installed as soon as you find your HVAC unit. Choose different type of unit from the list below so that you can find the position of your filter.


Vertical up-flow System


As the most popular type of unit, it is easy to be found in your basement, crawlspace.

Your filters are prone to be located at the bottom of the unit.



Vertical Downflow System


As a down-flow system, your filters are prone to be located at the top of the HVAC unit.


Horizontal System


You may find the Horizontal system in attics, garages, or basements, and the return duct connected to the side of the air handler, as for this kind of system, your air filters are prone to be installed vertically on the side of the unit.




You will find the Central air return registers in the places like floor, ceiling, or stairwell. Filters are always located on the vent, and you can use a screwdriver to get rid of them.


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