The guidance to choose a proper furnace filter

The guidance to choose a proper furnace filter

Do you know the media for different kinds of air filters? It means that you compare different materials that make the air filter when you compare the media for different kinds of air filters.


Media for the air filters is so important because it can affect filtration. Some HVAC filter types are more common than others. Pleated air filters and fiberglass air filters are the two common air filters for the HVAC system. The following details for you to introduce more types of filters.


Pleated air filters


Compare with fiberglass air filters, pleated air filters can filter out particles effectively. They are made up of cotton material and polyester, and they can trap smaller particles and resist airflow effectively. Air filters with more pleats can purify the air effectively, but they can reduce the airflow.



Fiberglass air filters

The filters are made up of layers of fiberglass that are made by a metal frame. You can buy fiberglass air filters at a low price, but they are not durable and effective. These air filters can prevent debris and dust enter into your HVAV equipment, but they can purify the indoor air, and the small particles also can be captured.


The other furnace filters


Pleated and fiberglass air filters are the most common AC filter types, but you also have some other choices, in some cases, the type of air filter is the most suitable choice.




Electrostatic Filters use air filters uses and electrostatic fees to capture much more particles, such as a magnet. Including the washable and disposable air filters.


Activated Carbon filters


Activated Carbon Filters can capture odors, particles, and gasses, within their pores. There are also some air filters that can trap VOCs. Activated Carbon filters also can eliminate odor.


UC Filters


You are not recommended to use UV filters in your home because they are not suitable for removing pollutants. However, UV filters can remove microbes, viruses, and bacteria. If u have family members whose immune system was damaged. UC filter is helpful to your health.


Washable and Reusable air filters


As for the people who are concerned with the living condition and the budget, it is better to choose a washable air filter. Generally, most of us think the washable air filter is an ideal choice. Washable air filters are made up of plastic material. It’s durable and it’s not the best filter material, it’s hard to clean and dry before you put it in your house.



HEPA air filters


You may have heard about HEPA if you attach much more importance to indoor air quality. HEPA represents the particulate air with high efficiency. Air filters that conform to the standard of HEPA mean they can trap 99.97% of particles in the air. HEPA air filters were created by scientists in WWII, which were used to trap the radioactive air particles when testing the atom bomb.


HEPA air filters are made up of fiberglass that interlace together. When the particles go through this kind of house air filter, they will be eliminated through diffusing, direct influence, sieving, and an interception.


It is recommended to choose the HEPA air filter if you have family members who suffer from the allergy, asthma, or respiratory illness, but the price will be more expensive.

How to choose a proper AC filter for your house?


Now you have to understand different types of air filters, so it is time for you to deal with one question, what kind of air filter is suitable for your house? You have to take some factors into your consideration. image.png


Outdoor air quality


The outdoor air quality can affect the indoor air quality and the type of particles that it can trap. We know that 25% of outdoor pollutants can enter your house. If the air quality in your city is poor, you have to buy the air filters with a higher MERV rating in order to trap much more pollutants.



In General, furnace air filters are more expensive than others. The budget is the first thing that u have to consider because u have to replace your air filters regularly. Maybe you don’t have to want to pay more for the air filter, but you will gain more if you pay much more.


Know more: Why do you need to get the more expensive air filters?



Present indoor air quality


What you do in your house can affect your indoor air quality even more than outdoor air quality. For instance, there will be more pet dander if you have a pet in your house. Some extra toxins and particles are included in the air. There will be much more gases emitted if you cook on the stove. Be careful about the situations that happened in your house so that you can find the most suitable air filter with the proper MERV rating and other functions.

The health of your family


The health of your family is the most important thing. Pls choose the air-filters with MERV 13 rating if you have family members suffering from the allergy and other respiratory problems, then it can filter out pollutants effectively in the range of the HVAC system. It deserves to buy a HEPA air filter.


You can find different kinds of air filters with different MERV ratings at TRIGHTFILTS, any size is no problem. Fiberglass and Pleated air filters and MERV ratings are suitable for the usage of business and home. Choose a proper air filter for your house now!


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