Which Air Filter Should You Choose?

You might have found the perfect air filter already, but did you know that there are many different varieties? The type of filter that is most commonly used in homes is the Traditional Air Filter. Carbon Air Filters, which offer an additional option for those who care about indoor air quality and want to purify the atmosphere. 

More and more homeowners are worried about pollution indoors - this includes both outdoor pollution coming inside (making them feel uneasy) as well as risks to their family's health; they search for an air filter with a high level of cleanliness and removal capabilities. Remember when choosing an air filter that you're going to be using it every day so don't just go for something cheap or second-rate - make sure that whichever one you pick has been tested and has longevity built into its design.

Now, we have talked about carbon air filters and traditional air filters in a total Q&A, so you can know the most important difference and which one is suitable for you?


Carbon air filters

Carbon air filters are advanced home air filters that work to remove odors, toxic gasses and chemicals. Carbon-based particles capture the ones attached to it when they pass through the filter's porous layer.

There are a few quick facts about these clever home air filters:

1) Carbon air filters work for all types of smells, no matter how strong.

2) They can keep your environment safe from harmful contaminants.

3) They cleanse the atmosphere around you and make it easier to breathe.

What is this thing called a carbon air filter?

This thing called carbon air filter came from before. It was created by processing various materials like carbon, activated charcoal, or wood pulp. It works because it traps microscopic particles of dirt and other impurities from the indoor environment (so you don't need to worry about allergies). What's more, there are three main features of this thing called carbon air filter.

1. For example, Carbon air filters can be effective at filtering Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air. These are gaseous substances that most other mechanical filters like HEPA filters, cannot touch.

2. Some of the gases in cigarette smoke or those given off by drying paint or cleaning products can be removed from the air by a carbon filter. Benzene, toluene, xylene, and some chlorinated compounds are among those that may be removed by carbon filters.


3. Air filters that can only filter particles cannot remove unpleasant odors at all. People therefore often use carbon filters to remove smells, though of course, they cannot remove all of them.


What makes carbon good at eliminating odors?

A quality scrubber contains activated charcoal which is made up of millions of tiny pores. When these pores are filled with gases and then sealed off, they trap the gases inside. This means that when you run your scrubber for hours or days - all those pesky smells will go away for good!

How about an Activated carbon air filter?


The activate carbon air filter is certainly the same as the common air filters, and they have the same name , but some manufacturers just distinguish them from the way of using your carbon.


Activated Carbon air filters are made by cutting up the charcoal into the tiny particles. Some air filters that marked with “carbon” are made up of powder blocks of “carbon” can be made through compressing and heating.


Whether a Carbon Filter is the same as Charcoal air filter?



Actually, carbon air filter is just the other name of Charcoal air filter


What are the main function for a carbon air filter ?


House owners always choose the carbon air filters to eliminate the odor, and smoke, or gases from the air.


Whether the carbon air filters can be used to purify the air of the whole house?


Yes, you also can find the whole house air filter that was made by “carbon”. If you need to eliminate the allergy, dust and pet dander in the air ,VOS and gas, please pay attention to the MERV rating. The odor eliminator pleated air filter was designed with MERV 8 rating, and they are can be used for 3 months.


Is there exist “ Carbon air filter”?


Generally, carbon air filters are applied for air purifier. However, they have to be used with another air purifier so that it can remove some related pollutants and microorganism. It is common that air purifier that can take 3-stage purification system, include the traditional air filter , HEPA air filter, and carbon air filter.



Do you know the lifespan of carbon air filter?

The carbons air filter can be saturated quickly is one of the obvious drawback. Generally, the carbon air filter should be replaced at least every month.



How much about the carbon air filters?


The price of carbon air filters should be higher than traditional air filters. The price range is 30-50dollars.



Whether the air filter can be used at any time?


Maybe you can’t find different choices because these are the special air filters. Perhaps you can find the carbon air filter, but maybe the size is improper.


Fortunately, you can buy the customized air filter on the TRIGHTFILTER you can buy air filter with any size online.

The advantages an disadvantages of carbon air filters


 Now I want to show the advantage and disadvantage of carbon air filter




Advantages of carbon air filters

● Can’t emit harmful pollutants

● Remove odors

● Eliminate chemical and smoke

● Offset the VOCs and harmful gas

Disadvantages of carbon air filters

●Not the proper filter for eliminating allergens from the air

●Higher price than traditional air filters

●Can’t trap the microorganism

●Just can be lasted for one month


Traditional air filter


 It is known that air filters should be the mystery for most of readers. Which is the same as the carbon air filters, traditional air filters can capture particles as the air goes through the media, on this situation, we know that traditional air filters use the fiberglass filter to purify the air. When the air goes through the other parts of your house, the particles will retain in the web of fibers .


Now there are some common facts about traditional air filters


What about the medias that used for traditional air filters ?

 The media of traditional air filters is the pleated film and spun fiberglass in the cardboard frame.



How about efficiency of the traditional air filters purify the air ?

 Traditional air filters can purify the air effectively with the MERV of 8 or higher, the higher of the MERV rating, the higher efficiency of the filter can purify the air.  They can clean the allergy, dust, pollutants, debris, microorganism, dirt from the air.


What are the main function of the traditional air filters ?


Traditional air filters are used to clean the pollutants out of the HVAC system, however, they also can remove the pollutants that circulate in your house.


House owners need to use traditional air filters for different reason. It aims at reducing the allergy in the air, and improve the indoor air quality, remove the pollutants, and keep the debris out of the air.



Whether the traditional air filters can be used as the “Whole House Air Filter”?


Yes. It is obvious that the traditional air filters can be used as the whole house air filter. You just need to make sure the size for your HVAC system.


If there exists the traditional air filter purifier?



The purifiers we sold today can be called HEPA air filters. HEPA air filters are good at absorbing pollutants from the air, but the portable air filters don’t depend on the HVAC system, so you don’t have to worry about that they can do harm to you indoor air circulation.



How about the lifespan of the traditional air filter?

We know that the traditional air filters can last at least 3 months. Your filter has to work harder if you have pet, tenant, or the others, you are recommended to replace them within 3 months.



How about the cost of traditional air filter?


The price range of traditional air filter is broad. The size, MERV rating and the media are all also can affect the price , you can buy air filters at $5, you also can buy in bulk,it is cost-saving. As for the air filters with customized size, it depends on the quantity and size.



Are traditional air filters easy to get?



You can buy traditional air filers online or at local store. In another word, it is hard for you to find the air filter in the local store. Find the air filer that you need at TRIGHTFILTER ,they let the clients order the customized size air filters online.


The advantage and disadvantage of traditional air filters


You have to take some factors into your considerations when you are comparing different kinds of traditional air filters.


The advantages of traditional air filters

● Can capture and remove the microorganisms, including the virus and bacteria

● Remove the allergens, dust, pollen and pet dander effectively.

● Can be used for three months before replacing it.

● No pollutants released.


The disadvantages of traditional air filters


● They are not suitable for removing odor

● They can’t be able to  remove chemicals and gases from the air

● Choose the air-filters with the suitable size


When you need to buy an air filter for your home, Trightfilters is where you want to go. You can find all of the best brands and models so that you're sure to find one perfect for your needs. And we'll deliver it right to your door! 


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