Available Air Filter Sizes and Types


Whether you're looking for AC filters or furnace filters, we've got the right sizing for you.

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Questions about air filter sizes?

How to measure my air filter size?

First measure the exact length and width of the filter with a ruler (L x W), then measure the depth of the filter from front to back, and finally add the measurements together (L x W x D). Round each dimension to the nearest whole number to determine the nominal size of the filter and then choose the matching size when you’re purchasing your filter.

Where is the air conditioner filter located?

Air filters are usually located in the return air duct near the thermostat in your home. Or it is probably located right next to the air handler in your air conditioner.

How do i install my air filter correctly?

Installing the filter is easy. Turn off the device, open the vent, and take out the old filter. Take the right size filter, check the airflow arrows and install the new filter. Make sure the airflow arrow on the filter is pointing toward the unit, then replace the cover. If the filter is bent or crumpled, it will function less optimally. All you have to do is turn the unit back on and you're finished!

What can go wrong if the air filter is not suitable?

If the filter is too large, it won't fit in the filter slot, and you won't be able to put the lid back on. This can result in dirty air coming into your home through the furnace's grille. When the filter is too small, it won't be able to cover the entire area, which can cause dust and dirt to seep through.If you can't find the size you need on the sizes page of our Trightfilters store, we will provide you with customized service.

What would happen if you place the air filter incorrectly?

The biggest danger of improperly installing filters is that they will damage your HVAC system and shorten its life expectancy. If you install the filter upside down, airflow will be greatly slowed and your furnace will operate less efficiently. Reduced efficiency increases the likelihood of system failure, such as a refrigerant line leak or compressor failure. And it can lead to higher energy bills.

Why are Trightfilters filters "electrostatically charged"?

Trightfilters filters are positively and negatively charged on the fibers, making it pull more particles out of the air than does an uncharged filter.

What's the difference between nominal size and actual size?

The nominal size is what you see printed on the side of the air filter. The actual size of the air filter is more accurate, the actual size is accurate to one-eighth of an inch. Each filter from Trightfilters is marked with a nominal and actual size to help you choose the right filter.

What is the difference between fiberglass filters and pleated filters?

Folding air filters are better, It filters smaller particles in the air - this is important for people sensitive to air - and the pleated filter lasts 3-6 months, while the glass filter lasts only 30 days. Pleated filters are more expensive, but they provide a better fresh air experience and less waste.

Will a dirty air filter affect my AC?

Yes, air filters will get dirty the longer they are used, and this will become more noticeable. As the filter gets dirtier, it will affect your AC. Filters may last more or less depending on a number of factors, such as the type of filter, materials, size of the home, and the habits of the residents. A higher FPR rating system indicates a longer life span.