The reason why a wet air filter appears in an HVAC system

Have you ever happened in this situation? It is necessary for you to get your HVAV system changed, everything is no problem until you get down the old air filter. At that time, you find the old air filter is so wet.


You need to check your HVAC system as soon as possible once your HVAC system can’t work normally. Change your wet air filter with a dry one, but you need to find the root reason for it.

The root reasons for a wet air filter


Do you know the root reason that causes the moisture in your HVAC system? Although the inside air can be dry through the continuous operation of the HVAC system, the condensation can be formed and dripped into the condensate pan that connects with the behind-drain lines. The drain and pans are used to gather the condensation so that it can’t lead to moisture issues.


So maybe you are confused about it, my air filter also can get wet, although there is a pan to collect the condensation. Maybe some accidents may occur to us, but the root reason is that you cant deal with the condensation from the evaporator coil correctly.

Blocked drain lines


One of the reasons that lead to the wet air filter is the blocked drain line, as a result, the blocked drain line will cause the leakage of condensation.


The leakage of the drain



The leakage of the drain is another common issue, which can cause the water retained on the bottom of the HVAC equipment, to then flows to the air filter.


Blocked Condensate pan


Something may be filled with your condensate pan, it prevents water from flowing into the drains. The water will spill out of the pan when the situation happens.



Water dripping from the evaporator coil


Condensation will drop from the evaporator coil directly into the air filter when your HVAC system can’t be equipped properly.


There are two other reasons for your wet air filter.


Put your air filter correctly: The moisture from the evaporator coil may touch the air filter if you can’t place or insert your air filter properly.


The high humidity in your house: The humidity will be high causing the local climate or the inside moisture problem that comes from the outside reason of the HVAC system. For instance, the additional moisture will increase because of the leakage. Generally, the level of humidity is not enough to let the air filter become wet.


The reason why you should pay attention to the air filter



The wet air filters show that there exists moisture in your house, so you should attach importance to it , and you need to deal with it right away.


Mold will grow continuously in place where there exists much moisture, it causes a  threat to the safety of the house and damages the structure of the house. The excess moisture also can cause damage to the HVAC system and affect the working efficiency of the equipment.



The way to prevent and solve the wet HVAC air filter system problems


There are steps that help you to prevent your HVAC system get wet.

Replace your air filters frequently to avoid a clog. Changing your air filters at least every three months is the most accessible way to prevent your air filter get a block.

Choose the proper air filter. The proper air filter from the HVAC air filter comes from the original manufacturer, and they also can provide the proper size to fit with it. It is helpful for catching more small particles if you choose an air filter with high quality.

Orange the regular check for your HVAC system. Clean up the pan and drain line is the essential part of the rigorous HVAC check.


FAQ of Wet air filters


Our air filter experts gave some common questions about wet air filters.


The reason why my air filter is wet in my HVAC system.

Maybe there are different reasons for your air filters getting wet, but it’s not the truth, you have to check your HVAC system to know the origin of the moisture.


What are the reasons that my air filter gets wet?



You will check the condensation drainage problem in the HVAC system, as a result, the air filter will become wet.


The method to prevent air filters from becoming wet


You are recommended to check your HVAC system so that you can prevent your air filters from getting wet. Maintaining your HVAC system in a proper way is the most accessible way to deal with it.



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