The polluted air filters affect your HVAC system

It is certain that you don’t want your polluted air filter, but sometimes it happens. The maintenance of the air filter is prone to be ignored by us, however, it is crucial for us to pay attention to it. The maintenance of an air filter is a type of home task that is invisible and easy to be ignored. Your air filters are there and they need to be maintained, there are some problems you will meet if you can’t maintain your air filters properly.


You have to be familiar with some bad effects of the dirty air filter:


Low energy efficiency


The charge of the HVAC system will be higher when your air filter is dirty because it is harder for the HVAC system to finish its duty. As a result, the system needs more energy to support keeping the temperature in the proper range.


Poor quality


Low indoor air quality is a sign that your air filter is dirty, the dirty air filter is run out, so it can’t capture particles, finally, these particles will go through the air filter, and back to the air that you breathe through the HVAC system.



Asthma and Allergy symptoms


When the air quality is poor, it will be a big challenge for the people who suffer from asthma and allergy. It poses a high risk of asthma and allergy if the level of allergens and pollutants is too high.

The effects of the dirty air filter



One of the most serious problems with the dirty air filter is the damage to your HVAC system, because the HVAC system has to work harder, the damage will be more serious, and as a result, it can’t work.


The dirty air filter can cause some common problems:


✱. The cold air will remain in the system because of the low airflow that comes from the dirty air filter. It is a serious problem that ice on the evaporator coil.

✱.It is a big challenge for the blower machine that comes from the air handler.

✱. It will cause stress to your HVAC system if you “turn on” or” turn off” for short time, and there exist cold and hot spots in your house.

✱. When the iced-over evaporator coils can’t be installed properly, the system will freeze.

✱. The HVAC professionals should clean the pollutants in the duct.


The fee will be high if the HVAC system needs to be repaired, and it will bring many troubles to you if there is no HVAC system.



The signs of an air filter is dirty

Do you know whether your air filters are dirty or not ? You may check them from the outside, it is hard for you to judge when the air filters get dirty and no operation. However, you can detect some symptoms when the air filters get dirty.


Short time cycling

The air filters need to be checked if it runs in short cycling.

Your HVAC system can’t heat and cool normally

One of the symptom is that you will detect the HVAC system can’t heat or cool normally. The weather outside is the same even you let the temperature”up” or”down”.

The imbalance of cooling and heating   

 The short time cycling can be caused by the dirty air filter, as a result, it comes into the hot and cold spot.

The reasons why the air filters get dirty


All the air filters will get dirty after the usage of many times, which is caused by the design. The air filters get dirty because of the trapped particles inside. Finally, the trapped particles inside and the air filters will get dirty after long time.


Some factors that affect the efficiency of the air filters get dirty.


● The MERV rating of the air filter

●The air quality of outside

● The frequency of using the HVAC system

● The existence of the air purifier

● Your indoor activity

● The type of your house air filter

● The size of your air filter


We know that there are thousands of origins of the pollution, a perfect air filter must get dirty during capturing these pollutants. 


The necessity of cleaning your air filters


Keep your air filters clean is the best way to deal with all the problems, it is accessible and not so expensive, the air filters can be improved immediately once you clean it.


Noted: The air filters can work normally as long as they are cleaned regularly. You need to deal with it immediately once it gets dirty, and take some actions to keep the air filters clean.


Maintain your air filters in a proper way


You are required to care for your air filters as maintaining the components of your HVAC system. The type of air filters are responsible for the maintenance of air filters, there are two kinds of common air filters: 


The maintenance of the disposable air filters


It is easy for us to maintain the disposable air filters, because the air filters will be abandoned after it gets dirty, but you have to replace it at least every three months.


The frequency of changing your air filters depends on the material and the size of your air filters, cause the material is related with the lifespan of air filter, also include the frequency of using your HVAC system. Lifestyle is one of the factor, and you also should know if there anyone who has a pet or smoking.



The maintenance of reusable air filters


Reusable air filters also can be called washable air filters since they can be recycled. However, you need to follow the schedule of using the reusable air filter, clean your reusable air filter at least once month, you should dry your air filter before installing it totally. Finally, the reusable air filter need to be replaced when it gets worn out, pay attention to it.


How to get air filters?


So you have already known that you have to replace your air filters regularly, so do you know how to get your air filters? The answer is that you can buy the air filter online or in any local store, but maybe you can’t find the air filter that you need.


There are different air filters with different sizes, and they have their own usage field,  if the compartment of your air filter isn’t standard, as a result, it is hard for you to find the suitable air filters that you need.


If you want to buy a large amount of air filters with the most favorable price, you are recommended to buy them from the original manufacturer, in order to save your time, you can buy from the TRIGHTFILTERS online.


Most people choose TRIGHTFILTERS so that they can utilize the customized size air filters, we can provide 1’’ 2’’ 4’’ air filters, the wide up to 50’’, and the length up to 60’’. Your air filter also can be cut to 1/8 so that it can fit well.

The price of some original manufacturers is lower than the store you looked, it is cost-saving, besides, you will have a clean air filter once the old air filter gets dirty.



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