The new guidance for your central air condition

The new guidance for your central air condition


It is a surprise that you bought a new house on your own. This means that you have to be responsible for the maintenance of your house. Since you are a homeowner, it is your duty to care for all your household furniture and device when the landlord and property manager can’t fix them on time.


Nowadays, homeowners pay more attention to the prevention of the machine, the cost of the cure of the device is higher than the prevention.


An air conditioner is one of the most important and difficult systems, it is crucial for us to maintain it if we want to keep the high efficiency.


Knowing the working process of your air conditioner is the most suitable to maintain it.


The guidance is provided for homeowners, and there are some key points you need to know.


How to care for the central air conditioner properly

The different components of your central air conditioner.

What is central air conditioner?

How the central air conditioners work?


What is central air conditioner?


The central air conditioner is a kind of whole-house cooling device that control the indoor temperature and circulates the cooling air in your house through ventilation and ductwork.


You also can call a “close loop system”, which means the air can’t cycle in or out of your house, large amount of central air conditioners aims at achieving the final goal of the temperature, they work in this way.


The working principle of a central air conditioner is to absorb heating from the indoor air and transfer it to the outdoor. Actually, the central air conditioner can’t mix cooling air, they work by eliminating heat air from the mixture.


It uses refrigerant to cool down as soon as the heat is ejected. Then the air will go through the vent by the push of fans, and the cooling air can be covered by your house.

Central air system VS Forced air


Most of us are confused about the difference between a central air system and forced air, actually, there is no difference between the two expressions. Forced air uses the vents and ductwork. As a result, the central air conditioners also can be called a forced-air systems, but some people take the cooling system as the central air system and the heating system as the forced air system.

All the parts of your central air conditioner

There are hundreds of different parts of the central air conditioner, but you don’t have to be familiar with each part, it is better for you to know the core parts of the central air conditioner, some points you can follow:

Evaporator coil


The coiling cools were included in the evaporator, the evaporator can eliminate heat from the air by using refrigerant. What’s more, the evaporator can control the air quality by withdrawing the humidity.





The blower also can be called a fan, the air can be absorbed by the evaporator coils in order to cool down, then the cooled air can be pushed by the blower and go through the ductwork.

Condenser coil


The heat can be absorbed and collected by the condenser coil and sent to outdoor.





The compressor is a kind of pump, which can make a refrigerant transfer from the evaporator into the condenser, as a result, it can be cooled down, besides, you can find a fan on the top of the compressor that can help release the collected heat air outdoor.






Ductwork is a kind of tube system that is related to the whole house, and it is connected with the air handler, it distributes condition air through controllers that direct into rooms. The central duct can be branched into several smaller ducts.



The thermostat is a kind of device that is on the wall of your house, it can control the temperature, set schedules, and work patterns by connecting with the air condition system.

Air Filter



Air filter is a kind of external component that placed in the compartment of the intake vent or air handler so that it can capture particles and pollutants, they can flow into the internal components, in general, there are two filter locations in the most central air systems.


Select a proper central air filter for your house


Up to now, you also want to make ensure whether your central air system is suitable for your house.


It is amazing news for the house owners to find the inefficient AC system in their home, it also can’t provide enough control of temperature, maybe it is time for you to change your air filter because of the present air conditioner system is updated, or you chose the improper air conditioner system for the first time.


It is crucial for you to access where is the most suitable place for you to install air conditioner when you are in the position that need to be installed new air conditioner system.


When you are ready to replace your air conditioner system, you are required to take some key factors into your consideration.


How about the size of your central air conditioner?


As for this question, there is no absolute answer offered to you, you need care about the cost, comfort, and the performance.


People would like to choose a large air conditioner system because it can fit the house and will be more comfortable, but it needs high cost-saving and low efficiency.


Do you know what kind of size is suitable for your house?


The common way to find the proper size is to calculate the number of BTUs that you need for cooling. You can use square feet to get a rough estimation.


For instance, you need 18000BTU if you live in a house with 1000 square feet.


Make sure that you have a sufficient air condition system so that you needn’t to replace in recent time.


How much do need I to spend on an air conditioner system?

The price is the main factor for most homeowners.


The installment and equipment of an air conditioner system cost about 3000 dollars, and the residential home installation can be up to $12000, which includes running ductwork, and electrical work, so air conditioner system is a big challenge for most the homeowners.



Fortunately, as time pass by, you will save 20-50% of your costs if you choose the air conditioner with high efficiency. Besides, the tax credits id help to decrease the cost of Energy Star central air conditioners.


Don’t forget about the cost of maintenance when you consider the total cost of the central air conditioner.


It is an ideal choice for us to choose the air handler that can access the air filters easily because you have to clean and replace your air filters easily.


You are recommended to have the professional central air conditioner system checked at least once a year, which can help you avoid the expensive cost of repair.


It seems that the cost of your daily maintenance is unnecessary, actually, it can save you more money by the way of decreasing the cost of utility costs, you don’t have to pay for the expensive costs of maintenance.


The lifespan and reliability


There is another factor you need to consider is how long you want to maintain in the position and whether you need the expensive maintenance in order to keep the normal performance.


You’d better choose the manufacturer with a record of reliability. You can access the lifespan and reliability through three things:


●Verify the manufacturer’s warranty

●Look up the function of the past products

●Check the reviews of the users


There is an example of comparing different kinds of air filters.


The customized air conditioner system is expensive in the early time, but it is known that they work effectively and reliable, or you can choose the Anna system with low cost to install, but it provided a warranty of 5-10 years, but the warranty of Trane device up to 20 years.


In one word, it is essential for you to choose a proper air filter for your house.


Anyway, you can find the proper air filter at Trightfilters that conforms to your air conditioner system, we can provide different kinds of sizes for you, or you can customize the size you need if you can’t find the size you need, you must be satisfied with it!


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