Something about Activated Carbon Air Filters

It is time for you to prepare activated carbon air filters when the air quality of your house、office 、business becomes poor. Your rooms have nasty odors that is hard to be eliminated totally between cooking、pet、kids, and outside world.

You can find the solution in one out-of-sight spot. The air filters you use in the HVAC system help you eliminate pollutants from the air, which can lead to odors to retain. But some air filters are better than others, and many people think that the activated air filter is the most suitable choice.

How about an activated carbon air filter?

Up to now, you may never hear about the activated carbon air filter, and it differs from the common air filter. It has its own feature.

We can find the most obvious difference is the activated layer of carbon for the filter material. You can see activated charcoal air filters are the same as activated carbon.

The merits of the best-activated carbon air filter

As for the best-activated carbon air filter, not only can it eliminate odors but it also can purify the air of gases and volatile organic components. It is different from eliminating air particles. We know that the odor and other gases are molecules that appear in the air, they can’t be removed by the common air filters. But merits come with drawbacks. Carbon air filters can’t trap pollen、mold、dust、and other airborne particles effectively. It is better for allergy-sufferer to choose a pleated MERV 13 air filter, don’t choose the HEPA portable air purifiers to use carbon air filters alongside.

The working process of activated carbon air filter

The working process of the activated carbon air filter is not the same as another air filter, as for the layer with porous activated charcoal can absorb large particles and gas molecules. Absorbing does not mean that it just retains in the carbon surface or soaks in the molecules. The activated charcoal can capture the smoke in the air. Odors will be eliminated as soon as the smoke suck in the carbon.

Carbon is another format of charcoal, it also can be coconut, coal, and wood. From the angle of science, carbon is the carbon atoms that get together in a latticework. At that time, the carbon in the air filters has been activated. We know the carbon material has been processed, so it becomes more porous, and then it can trap more molecules.

However, the porous surface also lets fine particles go through and circulate through the air. You have to ensure whether you have to eliminate nasty odor, or mold and allergens.

What’s more, not all the active carbon air filters are the same, and it will be long-lasting if there is more carbon used, the more it can capture molecules from the air. At least you need to find 5 pounds of carbon air filters, and it is better to choose the thick air filter. Molecules can tend to be captured as the journey of going through the filter become longer.


You need to know not all activated carbon air filters can purify the air of carbon monoxide. It is better to install a carbon monoxide detector if there are likely to release.

How about a DIY carbon air filter?


We admire some household owners who do the job on their own. However, not each home DIY project is suitable for each home.


Some people may choose to see some videos that tell us the method to make activated carbon air filters at home, but it won’t tell you that you need a 5 -gallon bucket or larger box. And also want a container that is open on the sides so that air can enter the container if you need to make an activated carbon air filter. You should cut a hole if you take 5 - a gallon bucket. There are about 4 pounds of activated carbon is included in the main container, and the lid should be affixed with a fan. The fan absorbs the air into the container and pulls it back out of the top.

Whether you choose to make an activated air filter by yourself or buy one, it is not cheap. And there exist long-lasting costs because you have to change it regularly. You are recommended to choose TRIGHTFILTERS if you are thinking about a DIY activated carbon air filter, you need to take the size into your consideration, and make the customized size that you need, then it will avoid some troubles, and set the precise size.

The method to eliminate an activated carbon air filter

Don’t forget to purify your activated carbon air filter regularly, just like some other air filters, because the surface is covered for a long time, air molecules can’t be adhered to anymore.


When you want to change or purify your activated carbon air filters, it can’t neutralize odors, and it releases foul odors, it also can emit gas molecules that trap when new molecules go through to make them loose.

How often should you replace your carbon air filters? It depends on some factors.


The number of pollutants in the air

The thickness of the air filter

The amount of carbon it includes

The frequency it used


If you can’t ensure the frequency that you should change your activated carbon air filter, we will give some guidance to you, scientists that clean the air filter after 2-4 weeks, and change it after the usage of several months.


There are some available ways that are provided for you so that you can clean the pollutants.


I. You can wash your air filter if it is labeled washable


II. It is necessary to vacuum some activated carbon air filters.


III. Activated air filters are more expensive than common air filters, but it is an ideal choice to purify them regularly, it is better for improving efficiency and expanding lifespan, and finally, you will gain more from activated carbon air filters.


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