How to choose a proper air filter if you have a pet?

Maybe there are more benefits if you have a pet in your house, it can reduce your stress, what’s more, pets can prevent us from suffering from depression, and increase your activity and exercise. However, it is bad for the indoor air quality if you are living with pets, allergen is one of the common problems. You will detect much more pet dander in the house with pets, which is the avoidable truth, but you don’t have to give up your pets or suffer from the conditions. Now there are different kinds of air filters are provided for you, which are used for removing pet dander or nasty odor so that you can live in a comfortable environment with all your friends, but do you know the working process of these choices. 


How about a furnace filter for pet allergies?


As for this question, if I need to answer it in short, the answer is “Yes”.  Air filters can help to reduce the particles in the air, these particles will lead to pet allergies. The main issue is that you have to remove the particles in the air.


Generally, it is satisfying that the air filters can purify the air, as a result, you are recommended to use a furnace filter that reduces pet allergy to improve the air quality if you have any other air quality issues.


Today, there are a series of air filters provided for you to choose from, they are used to prevent pet dander and nasty odors from entering the air so that you can live with your friends in a comfortable environment.



What is the most suitable furnace air filter to reduce dust and pet dander?


We know that furnace filters can reduce dust and pet dander, but can you find the proper one? There are different kinds of furnace filters that can help you remove pet dander in your house, there are some choices you can follow:


● Permanent Electrostatic Filters

● Disposable Pleated Furnace filter

● Washable Pleated Furnace filter

● Disposable Flat Panel Fiberglass Furnace Filter


Compare with fiberglass air filters, pleated air filters have excellent performance, the pleating can provide much more surface for capturing particles.

The permanent electrostatic filter is a good way to control pet dander in the long term. An electrostatic filter works through the airflow to create a static charge that captures pet dander. However, the permanent electrostatic air filter is expensive, so you may want to try the pleated air filters with electrostatic technology for the first time. 

You also can choose the air filters with hypoallergenic and microbial features. If you have family members who are allergic to pet dander or mold, it is an ideal choice. You’d better consider active carbon air filters if you think the odor is more important than allergies, this air filter just has one carbon air filter, which can capture odor particles and draw them into the carbon material. You may meet furnace filters that are “allergy filters”, which refers to air filters that MERV ratings over 8, not the air filters with special design.  

MERV rating


It is essential for us to check the furnace air filter’s MERV rating. MERV rating represents Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values. It represents the working efficiency of the air filter and the type of particles that it can capture.

You need furnace air filters with a MERV rating from 8-13 if you are allergic to pet dander. Furnace filters with a MERV rating over 8 can purify pet dander in the air effectively. Generally, MERV 8 furnace air filters can eliminate 85% of large particles in the air, and 50% of small particles, the higher the MERV rating, filters better, but we don’t recommend furnace filters with over MERV 13. A furnace filter can filter 95% of large particles in the air and 80% of small particles without the issue of airflow.


How often should you replace your Furnace Filter with pets?


Normally you have to change your furnace air filter every three months, but it’s not enough if you have pets.

You should clean and replace your air filters every month if your cats and dogs caused dust, fur, and pet dander. If your pets don’t have much hair slip, and you can groom them regularly, no one has allergy in your house, so you can replace your air filters every 6-8 weeks.


HEPA washable air filters for your house pet dander


As for the eco-friendly house owners, maybe it is better for us to choose the HEPA washable furnace filters for removing pet dander. HEPA air filters can be used several times, it seems that these things are great, but they are not suitable for your HVAC system all the way.


Let’s start with HEPA air filters, HEPA air filters stand for the High-Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA air filters can capture 99.97% percent of particles that 3 microns and larger. It is great for allergy sufferers, but it is not so good for the HVAC system.


You can choose the heavy-duty furnace filter to provide much filtration, Normally, HEPA air filter will restrict airflow, it will affect the comfort inside, and what’s more, it can damage the components causing the HVAC has to work harder.


However, there are also exist many problems with washable air filters, it is hard to clean pet dander from washable air filters. It is known that most washable air filters have a low MERV rating, you will find it difficult to remove the pet dander totally.


You’d better use the disposable pleated air filters, don’t forget to put a portable purifier with HEPA filters in the places where you need the extra filtration.


Quick Q&A: Furnace Filters and Pet Dander


Our experts answer questions about furnace filters every day. There is much more important information in the “Quick section”. We will use our expertise to work out what kind of options are the best choice for homes with pets.


Whether a furnace filter can reduce dust and pet dander?


Yeah, we know that a simple air filter can do much more, it is possible although it seems crazy. Of course, you are recommended to use air filters with a MERV rating of 8 or higher. You’d better choose MERV 13 air filters, cause it can offer excellent filtration without impacting the airflow negatively.



Can an air filter pet dander?


The filters can trap the dander particles when the air was passing through the HVAC system. Essentially, the filter material can trap the pet dander particles and eliminate them from the air when the air was passing. The filtration happens continuously as the air is flowing.  


How often do you change the furnace filter with your pets? 


You should change your furnace filter every month if you have a pet. It can be delayed for several weeks if you take extra filtration actions.



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