Do you know about the Natural Air Filter?


If the indoor air quality seems not so good, it is the truth that the indoor air quality is five times worse than outdoor.


Nowadays, it is common that more and more things are unnatural, as a result, we need to pay more attention to the air that we breathe, paint stains, carpet, and household cleaners, which can release toxins into the air, but normally we will try different kinds of unnatural products to solve the problems, unfortunately, the problems will be more severe.

We are recommended to take actions to improve indoor air quality, such as taking out your shoes before entering your room to reduce indoor air pollution. However, it is time for you to take action to eliminate the indoor air pollutants if the indoor air quality is so poor.


Don’t look for an air purifier at present, let us look at different kinds of natural air filters. They can be used without depending on the air purifiers with HEPA air filters for home use, except for your HVAC air filter.

Plants play the role as natural air filters


It is reported that NASA recommended us to use plants for home air filtration. Plants can be the existing natural air filters at present. All the plants can absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and then release oxygen to the air. Plants can purify the air of benzene when they are open to absorb in carbon monoxide.


These are the best air filters (plants)that NASA recommended:


Lady Palm       

Boston Fern

Dragon Tree     

Peace Lily

Golden Pothos   

Spider Plant



English lvy       

Snake Plant



In order to purify indoor air quality totally, you should plant a kind of plant every 100 square feet. Some additional plants will not be damaged. Place these plants in the proper position so that they can achieve maximum air filtration.


For instance, spider plants should be put in the kitchen since they can suck in carbon monoxide and xylene that are released when you are using your gas stove, or you can put orchids in your bedroom because it can eliminate pollutants such as xylene, and release oxygen at night.



Do you know about Bamboo Charcoal Air Filters?


It is known that Charcoal Air Filter is a kind of purifier, which has been used in water filters for many years. Charcoal also can be called active carbon, it is porous and can be able to absorb moisture as eliminate bacteria, pollutants, and allergens.


You can put the bamboo charcoal air purification bags in your house, the more of the porous is, the more effective it can filter the pollutants from the air. Porosity can provide much more surface for particles, as a result, the charcoal air filter can trap much more pollutants.


You can find activated carbon technology in mechanical air filters and apply it in your HVAC system, which is the same as ionization. The particles in the air can stick to the surface when air passes through the filter. We all know that activated carbon air filter can remove gases and odors effectively. If you need to fight with unpleasant odors frequently, it is better for you to buy one.


Open your doors and windows for ventilation


Open your doors and windows is the accessible way to get natural air filtration. We’ve already told the truth that indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality. The reason is that you close your door tightly, then the fresh air can’t circulate inside.




You just have to open your window to let the indoor air circulate. The temperature of indoor air will decrease through ventilating but don’t forget to check the air quality report from the local weather station. 


All of the actions should be measured except for the HVAC air filters, not for replacing it, HVAC air filters play the role as the first line for keeping particles away from the air you breathe, and it also can heat and cool the device. You can choose the Natural air filters according to your household needs and provide extra purification for some specific pollutants. 

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