Which air filter should I select?

Selecting a proper filter for your furnace, Trane, Rheem, or other AC unit is certainly cost-saving. According to the research, a blogged AC or furnace filter can increase the $200 electric bill to $ 280, but you can save the extra $80 if you find a proper furnace air filter and put a strain on your system at the cost of 10-15.


You must learn about the essential elements, and then you can easily select a proper furnace filter.


It will reduce the efficiency of the system if you use the improper furnace air filter, and they're much more pollutants entering into your home and increasing the bill. The HAVC system also can be damaged when the debris enters the vents and lead to hundreds of repair bills.


You can order the air filters according to the printed number on the existing product, or you can measure the actual size of the opening where the filter is equipped so that make sure

the nominal size you need. If you can't find the nominal size online or at the local hardware store, then you need to customize the size.


Don't fit a filter that is too big or let airflow around a small filter, and they also can reduce the efficiency of the filter.

What kind of material should you use?

There are a variety of materials of air filter, choosing the best material for your home mostly depend on whether you have pet, or the type of climate you live in respiratory conditions, and your home cleanliness. It is essential for you to know the feature of different kinds of materials and the MERV rating in order to select the proper material for your home.


High efficiency pleated (MERV 14-16): They can offer exceptional filtering abilities and system protection, so they are the most expensive. Generally used in hospitals, people who suffer from respiratory disease will benefit from them in their homes. They can’t be set in all the systems because of the thickness and pressure needed.

Fiberglass material (MERV2-3): It’s a common material, but these poor filters allow other pollutants to flow into the system than other materials.

Electrostatic cotton and paper(MERV 10): It is suitable for the family who has pet and people who smoke, replace the air filter frequently in order to improve the efficiency of a filter.

Permanent and washable filters(MERV 8): This kind of material is cost -saving, but it can’t capture the tiny particles, so you need to clean it frequently.

Polyester/cotton pleated:( MERV6): Disposable air filter is cost-saving, it can filter out small particles on the condition that you need to clean it frequently.


What are the MERV Ratings?


MERV ratings represents the efficiency of air filter when it’s capturing the pollutants in the air. Range from the MERV 1 to 16, from the highest filtration to the lowest filtration. Trigtfilter offers products with MERV 1, MERV8, and MERV 10, which are suitable for most homes and they are higher than most of original device manufacturer products. Normally we don’t recommend using the HEPA filters in house since they can bring much pressure to the systems which are not fit with an HVAC system.





OEM or after-sale market Air Filter?


Your OEM furnace filter is produced by the company that made your HAVC system, but the after-service air filters are made up with the third part companies. They also can provide a suitable size for your air filter, but the after-service manufacturers can provide extra functions, such as long-lasting and top quality, higher MERV rating, easy to replace and design.


Different brands have different qualities, including MERC ratings, filter sizes, lifespan, efficiency, and others. All the companies want to provide the maximum service for their customers by the frequent shopping.



 If you are also confused with choosing the air filter, contact TRIGHTFILTER, tell us your special needs, we can help you select the best air filter for you, and create a healthy lifestyle for your whole family. 


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