The way to replace your furnace filter

There are two important instructions that you need to obey when you are considering changing your furnace filter.


● Ensure that you have a proper filter replacement

● Don’t delay it when you are waiting for changing


You are recommended to change your air filters at least every 3 months, especially for heating or cooling equipment. In some situations, it is meaningless to replace them earlier, it is the reason why you have to maintain them regularly.


Pollen, dust, dirt, carpet fibers, and pet dander are all the pollutants that your furnace filter has to remove from the air so that is can help to keep the house clean and improve the indoor air quality, keep away from allergies and make the HVAC system work effectively.


Most house owners don’t know the role of their furnace filters when they are heating and cooling. Your furnace filter can work effectively if your furnace filter is clean. The indoor air can circulate fluently when there is no debris and dust in the components, and the lifespan of the blower motor can be extended. Your furnace filter also can prevent the clog of the central air’s compressor coils.


One important thing is that you have to do is to replace your furnace filter.


We want to take some time to remind you before we start to discuss how to do it. It is recommended to buy furnace filters in bulk because you need to replace them regularly. You will have additional things when you need them, and it will be cost-saving.


Whether your central air needs a furnace or not?


Firstly, you have to consider whether you need to change your furnace filter, not all the central air systems are equipped with furnace filters, and maybe the central air systems without furnaces or air filters are located in the other places.



How to recognize whether you have a furnace filter?


◉Find the furnace box and air blower near the air handler. Most of the furnace filters are located in inside or around of blower.


◉Check whether there is a slot for the furnace filter, the filter could be installed in three different locations:


● On the top of the door

● On the bottom of the door

● On the side of the intake rack


It means that you need a furnace filter if you have a compartment. If you can’t find the slot or door, your central air system may be equipped with two intake filters, not a furnace filter box, and maybe no heating components, so you don’t need the furnace filter.


How to replace your furnace filter properly?


You are recommended to know how dirty your furnace filter is and know how to replace your furnace filter, but you don’t have to worry about it even if you don’ has the DIY bone in your body. Replace your furnace filter is the easiest thing that you can do.


Step 1: Turn down the furnace


As for the modern heating system, maybe it is unnecessary because they use the electric pilot part. The old furnace also has a gas pilot light, it can continue to burn after the gas is turned on. As for all the furnace systems, you‘d better turn them off if you want to replace the furnace filter.


Step 2: Turn on and note the new furnace filter


If you obey the scientist’s suggestion and buy the furnace filter in bulk, the filter should be marked with the date when you are ready to install it. Separate them for 3 months in the heating-off season, your heating system will be running regularly every month.


Step 3: Point your furnace filter and the door panel of your furnace filter


Turn on the door panel and get close to the furnace and filter. As we know above, you can find the furnace filter at the place where the cool air flows into the entrance to the furnace filter or the cold air return duct.


Step 4: Get rid of the old furnace filter


Get rid of the dirty and old air filter, and put it aside so that it is convenient to be recycled.


 Step 5 Replace it with a new furnace filter


Clean your furnace filter into the slot and slide your replacement, so that it can make sure

the media of the filter can flow into the opposite side. Ensure that the airflow arrows of the one side of the filter can point in the right direction, keep away the cold air, and point at the blower, you can finish it by replacing the door and panel.


Step 6: Turn the Furnace again


Maybe it is unnecessary if you have a new furnace, but as for the old furnace, you should turn on the gas and pilot light again so that the furnace can start to work normally.


The FAQs of replacing your furnace filter


Whether the furnace filter the same as the air filter?


The furnace filter is different from the air filter, the furnace is designed in for the furnace, although they have similar functions. But they have essential differences.


What should I do when I have a plastic-framed air filter?


The plastic-framed air filter can be customized -made. As for the manufacturer, TrightFiltes can offer the furnace filter with a customized size when the standard furnace filter is not suitable for you, but it is essential for you to verify that all the plastic frames are flame resistant.


How often should I replace my air filter?


You are recommended to replace your furnace filter every three months. You also need to replace it every 30 days if you don’t use it frequently.



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