The importance of the thickness of the furnace filter

The thickness of the furnace filter is an important part for the furnace to work well and the improvement of function plays the same role as width and length, normally you can choose the size from 1 to 5, the specific thickness depends on your furnace filter. Pls, read more if are still uncertain which size is suitable for your furnace filters?


The reasons why some furnace filters thicker


Different furnace filters have different sizes and equipment, which means there is no general furnace filter, and you have to take two related factors into consideration, which certainly influence the thickness of your furnace filter. The lifespan and efficiency of your furnace filter also can be affected by the thickness of the furnace filter, it is easy for you to move in and out.


A thicker air filter is better than a normal one?



It seems that the thicker filter is a better choice cause it means that there are much more pollutants that will be captured, and that’s it in most cases, the thicker air filters have a longer lifespan and higher efficiency since they have enough surface to trap the pollutants. In another word, if you use the 1-inch filter, you need to change it at least once a month, but as for the 6 -inch air filter, you need to change it in a half year.


Some Air Conditioner experts pointed out that the thicker air filter can offer a  tight system, the unfiltered air can’t flow into the filter, and the thicker air filters have fewer restrictions so that the air can flow freely, for the people who need superior filtration, it is better to choose 4-5’’ filter.


However, in some cases, it is better to choose a thin air filter, we can provide some examples for you.



Compare 4- an inch air filter with a 1-inch air filter, considering the life span, airflow, and filter capacity, you are recommended to choose the 4 -inch air filter, if it is suitable for our furnace, it is better to improve the air quality, the price gap is just several dollars between 4inch air filter and 1 -inch air filter, cause the longer lifespan of 4 -inch air filter so that it can offer more value.


However, if your air filter is just 3-inch thick at that time, maybe you are recommended to choose the 1-inch furnace filter, but 3 -an inch air filter is a better choice.


Compare a 1-inch furnace filter with a 2-inch furnace filter, if we think about the thickness, it is better to choose the 2-inch filter, but there is not too much difference.



How about the thickness of the Air filter?


First, you have to consider the system of your furnace, but generally, it is better for you to choose the thickness air filter in order to get higher efficiency. Don’t try a filter that is not suitable for its space.


The components are prone to be damaged and have lower efficiency if you try your best to use the 4-inch thick air filter into the 1-inch filter. On the other hand, you can use 1 -inch filter in the compartments, which can accommodate a deeper filter, but if it is too shallow and loosely installed, then the unfiltered flow into the duct, but it doesn’t matter if there exists I -inch difference.


Maybe you should pay more attention to the MERV rating if you want to improve the air quality in your house, when the air filter is 4-inch, even thicker, air filters with a higher MERV rating will trap much more airborne particles, which means more and more pollutants will accumulate on the screen.


A High MERV rating air filter may not be suitable for you if your furnace system only fit a 1-inch or 2-inch filter, it is prone to get clogged because of the small surface, and change to a larger air filter as soon as possible. The airflow will be restricted if you combine a thin air filter with and high MERV rating, even causing severe wear.


As mentioned above, you know how to select the proper size of thickness, the first step you have to select your suitable air filter size.


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