How to Change an Air Filter?

Change your air filter in your furnace regularly if you want to protect your health and budget. It is easy for debris enters the system if the furnace filter is clogged, then harms the system, and the energy bill will rise up. Don’t worry about it! There are some simple steps provided for you so that you can change your air filter easily and reduce your energy bill.


1. Select the right eyes

The size printed on the side of the air filter is called the” nominal size”, and these are the sizes that you have to do the quick recording, but they are not the same as the actual size. The air filter is half smaller than the started size is a perfect rule. For example, a 20*20*1filter is the same 19.5*19.5 inch.



The simplicity of the air filter means that you haven’t used it for the measurement of the old air filters. It is essential for you to measure the size of the actual opening in your furnace. Then if you take these sizes and round up to the nearest inch, you will gain the right nominal size.


Don’t forget to check the installation condition before you are ready to buy a new one, in order to ensure there are no gaps and not bent (You don’t have to do this while the furnace is operating, turn it off firstly), and you are recommended to order a customized size air filter if you can’t find the right nominal size.



2. Turn off the power

Most of the furnaces are equipped with a power switch is located close to the unit. Take the switch to the off position before operating. Turn off the power at your fuse box in order to avoid injury if the switch is invisible.


3. Remove the air filter.


Furnace filters are normally fit under the furnace, which behind the slotted ventilation cover, Some covers pop out. But the others are just with screws to be held. Remove  the cover carefully and put it aside. Then ensure whether there are right arrows on the existing air filter. The direction is the direction the filter should be placed, if no arrows, it doesn’t matter about the direction of replacement.


4. Give up the old product.


There are large amount pollutants in the old air filter. It is better to prepare a garage bag, and don’t’ touch the old filter as possible as you can.


5. Plug the new air filter


Then, just plug the new air filter in the space which offered, make sure the right arrows, which point at the right direction.


6. Change the cover


Finally, bounce off the cover back in place for the improvement of air quality, protect the system from damage, and costing-saving.


7. Check your HVAC filters regularly and buy in bulk

You may set a regular check as soon as you work out how to change your furnace filter. It is suggested that you write in your notebook or set the alarm to remind you of checking the filter’s condition because it’s prone to forget about changing your furnace filter. In order to keep up with changing your furnace filter and avoid delaying it, it is better for you to buy Trightfilters filter in bulk, we will make sure that your furnace filter will be delivered on time when you are in need. if you subscribe to Trightfilters for the first time, you will get a 10% discount.

It is reported that keeping a clean air filter in your HVAV system can decrease electric bills as much by as 15%. When the air filters suffer from heavy usage, the clogged air filter will cost much more than a new air filter, you certainly benefit from changing to a new air filter.


Learn more about unique Trightfilters, we can also provide a wide range of high-quality aftermarket air filters and help you select the proper size and best material in order to keep the health of your family and your wallet. 



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