Compare the difference between furnace filter with air filter

The difference between furnace filter and air filter

The central air heating and cooling system in your home consist of many internal parts. As for the important part, air filters, ensure that the central air conditioner cleans the air in the indoor air and heats and cools the air because it can pass through the other parts of your room. In most cases, your central air system will need to use two separate filters to capture the extra particles, allergens and bacteria.

Since most people confuse the term "air filter" with other terms such as "air conditioner filter" and "furnace filter", it's a misconception that they're the same thing, or that they're completely different in some situations. We often hear, "What's a furnace filter"?

When we talk about AC air filters and furnace air filters, they aren't the same thing, but they're also not two completely different products, but have significant differences.

As mentioned above, we can provide the difference between "furnace filter" and "air filter" in your central air system so that you can choose the most suitable air filter for your home Air  Conditioner system.



The most obvious difference between Return Air Filters and Furnace Filters  


A furnace filter works the same way as a return air filter and both play an important role in keeping your home clean. Filtration first begins when you turn on your furnace or heating unit during colder months. This is because both filters play an important role in keeping your home clean for people living there.


It's important to note that furnace filters and air filters have the same filtration process, so some homes use a single filtration system or an air filter for heating and cooling the air. In some central air systems, the furnace filter will not have a specific location.


In this case, the air filter can be called a "whole house air filter".


Heat pump systems and central air systems can be designed so that refrigeration and heating equipment can use common inlet air filters and air handlers.


In other words, furnace filters and air filters are different.


In most households in our country, the heating and cooling systems cannot be combined into one, so the stove should be equipped with a separate filter.


For homes or homes with special needs for heating and cooling, such as UK homes where winter weather is more prominent than Alabama homes), there is a difference between a furnace filter and an AC filter.


While both furnace filters and air filters can clean your house, air filter location, lifespan, filtration level, and cost are all major differences.

AC air filters



There are some unique features that are essential to the home AC intake air filters.


The location of the air filter 


AC air filters can be found all around the inside of your home. They're most commonly located behind an AC vent to provide maximum benefits. This filter helps eliminate dust particles, allergens, pollens, and pet dander from getting in through the vents. There are many ways you can find these AC air filters; near a hallway, hanging from the ceiling or inside one of the rooms of your house.

The function of air filter



The main functions of an air filter are as follows:


● Keep pollutants out of the AC equipment

● Improve the efficiency of air filter

●Remove the pollutants, allergens, particles, bacteria, dust mites, and debris from the cooled air



The lifespan of air filter


As we mentioned before, the life expectancy of an air filter varies depending on how often you use it, your lifestyle and frequency, but generally speaking, you should change your air filter at least once every 3 months or so.

The filtration level of the air filter


The filtration level is the most obvious feature of the AC filters. They have a large filtration range, ranging from the larger particles of debris to the microscopic viruses that appear in the air. The MERV rating range from 1 to 20. The higher of the MERV rating, the cleaner it can purify the air. The MERV rating of air filters ranges from 8-13.


The cost of an air filter


We know that pleated fiberglass air filters are recommended for most of AC air filters. The price range from $6 to $ 50. It totally depends on the size, thickness, and MERV rating.


Furnace filter


There are some obvious features that you can distinguish the furnace filter from the AC air filter


The location of the furnace filter


How do you find the furnace filter? It can be found near the blower. You will either see the part attached to one of two places - either on the component door or inside the component tray. The blower itself is located in the center of your home, next to intake vents.

The functions of furnace filter


The main functionality of the furnace filter is the same as the AC air filter, they are suitable for heating air, not for cooling air.


Helping to clean a large number of pollutants can help to improve the working efficiency of and prevent the machine from clogging. They also can prevent the furnace and heating equipment from being damaged and restrict the pollutants and debris from flowing into the equipment.


The lifespan of furnace filter



The  thickness of the furnace filter makes a great impact on its lifespan of the furnace filter. We know that furnace filters with 1-2mm should b replaced at least 1-3 months. And the furnace filters with 3-4mm can be used for 9 months, then you can change it. As for the furnace filters with 6 mm can be used for one year.



The filtration level of the furnace filter


You also can use the MERV rating to represent the filtration level of the furnace filter. The normal MERV rating of furnace filter range from 4-12.


The costs of furnace filter


More and more factors should be considered, but the cost of a single air filter range from $15-$25. It will be more expensive if you choose the furnace filter with a higher MERV rating and thickness.


The guidance to compare air filters with furnace filters






Air Filter


Furnace Filter



Applied for modern central air system and cooling system with the combined heating & cooling.


Apply for the system that needs the special filtration.



Main function



Main function


Remove the pollutants in the air, allergies, bacteria, dust mites, and particles.




There are also 2 locations behind the air intake vent

It is set in a door or tray on the air handler box


The level of filtration

The MERV rating range from 1-20

The MERV ratings range from 4-12


The replacement time

Air Filters are recommended to be replaced at least every 3 months, it depends on whether you have pets or not.

Furnace Filters are recommended to be changed at least every 1-3 months.


   The range of cost

The price ranges from$6-$50 for each air filter, depending on the MERV rating

Range from $15-$25 per filter



Air filters and furnace filters that are suitable for any house


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